A fashionable roundup of the best dressed celebrities of the week


Our timeline is literally wet and slippery from all that drip kind courtesy of our favourite celebrities online.

This week, our favourite stars stepped out in their most stylish ensembles, making heads turn and setting trends along the way.

From sleek leather jackets to vibrant African prints, here are the best-dressed celebrities who caught our attention and stole the spotlight.






King Promise in a Black Leather Jacket and Boots as the Terminator


King Promise proved that he knows how to rock edgy fashion with his black leather jacket and matching boots.

The combination exuded confidence and style, effortlessly elevating his look to the next level and an ode to his latest single, Terminator.

This outfit is perfect for those who want to add a touch of rock ‘n’ roll  and street style to their wardrobe.

Jackie Appiah as regal queen in kente

Jackie Appiah showcased the beauty of Ghanaian culture by wearing a stunning Kente ensemble to the AMVCA culture night.

The vibrant and dark colours as well as the intricate patterns of the Kente cloth made a bold statement, reflecting the rich heritage of Ghana.

Jackie’s choice to wear this traditional attire on the red carpet demonstrated her pride in her roots while looking absolutely glamorous. We are your red carpet, step on us Jackie.

AJ Sarpong mesmerizing in sequins and beaded lace for the AMVCA Culture Night

Cina Soul

Cina Soul brightened up a rainy day with her sunny fashion choice.

Sporting a chic white crop top, jeans, and trendy sunglasses, she exuded effortless coolness and radiates positive energy.

Cina Soul’s laid-back yet stylish ensemble perfectly captures her vibrant personality and love for casual fashion which we genuinely love about her.


If you ever needed a lesson in how to pair your greens, there you go kind courtesy Agbang.

Queen Teiya

It is only right to crush on Ghana’s Most Beautiful, Tung-Teiya Dahamani in this stylish and sleek look.

Celebrating Motherhood in a Pink Maternity Robe; the Baci way

Baci, the epitome of grace and elegance, celebrated her initiation into motherhood in a stunning pink maternity robe.

Her choice of attire not only showcases her radiant glow but also embraces the beauty and joy of motherhood.

Baci’s effortless style and the soft colour palette of her ensemble perfectly complement her ethereal charm. Congratulations to her on the birth of her bundle of joy

André Ayew in Berluti Paris Shirt and Wide-Legged Pants

André Ayew, the captain of the Black Stars, made a fashion statement with his sophisticated attire. He paired a Berluti Paris shirt with wide-legged pants, showcasing a combination of tailored elegance and relaxed comfort. Completing his ensemble with his signature MOPAO cap, André exuded a confident and stylish aura.


Ms Flava added more flavour to our timeline in a Floral Print Dress

Ms Flava from 3FM stole the show in a mesmerizing floral print dress.

The vibrant colours and intricate patterns of her outfit reflect her vibrant personality and undeniable confidence.

With her infectious smile and impeccable fashion sense, Ms Flava effortlessly exuded elegance and sophistication.

Black Sherif in Blue Infusion Scrap Jeans and an ASOS Reversible Utility Gilet in Bright Green

Black Sherif showcased his unique sense of style with his choice of clothing.

The blue infusion scrap jeans added a cool and urban vibe to his look, while the ASOS reversible utility gilet in bright green brought a pop of color.

This outfit demonstrated his ability to mix and match different elements to create a fashion-forward ensemble. It is no wonder Kweku Killer has the core of our hearts, dude does this fashion thing so effortlessly.

Nakeeyat served poetic justice in a white fringe dress


Talented Kidz winner, Nakeeyat, mesmerized us with her poetic style in a white fringe dress.

The cascading fringe details add movement and drama to her outfit, perfectly mirroring her captivating performances.

Nakeeyat’s fashion choices embodied her creativity and youthful spirit, making her a true inspiration for young fashion enthusiasts.

Cookie making a bold case for African print blazers on TV


Cookie Tee, the fashion-forward TV personality on TV3 New Day, made a bold fashion statement in an African print blazer.

Her confident and edgy style showcased her love for African fashion and her desire to promote its rich heritage.

Cookie Tee effortlessly combined traditional prints with modern silhouettes, creating a distinctive and eye-catching look that got viewers glued to their set.


Kalsoume Sinare represented her Northern heritage with pride, donning a resplendent Northern Fugu Kente outfit for the AMVCA culture night.

The intricate weaving and vibrant colours of the Kente fabric pay homage to her cultural roots, while the modern silhouette adds a contemporary touch.

Kalsoume’s outfit is a true reflection of her elegance and cultural identity.

Sandra Ankobiah @ 40 in Pink

Sandra Ankobiah embraced femininity and elegance in a gorgeous pink midi dress.

The soft hue perfectly complemented her complexion, while the midi length added a touch of sophistication.

With its flattering silhouette and delicate details, this dress is a must-have for any fashion-forward woman.

Whoever said life begins at 40 was envisaging Sandra in this dress when they made that statement


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