“Advocate for Christ Ghana” educates public on vaccine delay 


By Stanley Senya

Accra, March 12, GNA – Advocate for Christ Ghana has educated the public on how parents should treat children when there is a shortage or vaccine delay. 

In a statement copied to the Ghana Agency in Accra , the group said there was  the need for parents and caregivers to be educated about vaccine-preventable diseases, signs and symptoms, and before exposure and after exposure of diseases. 

The statement said, to protect children during an outbreak of diseases, they must be adequately immunised according to the routine immunisation schedule.

Their school, childcare facility and other caregivers should be updated on the child’s vaccination status.

The statement said unimmunised children could catch diseases from people who do not have any symptoms. 

It stated some early symptoms of vaccine-preventable diseases such as rash, high fever, runny nose, cough, red and watery eyes, vomiting, stiffness in the neck and pain in the limbs. 

The statement said people should learn the early signs and symptoms of the particular disease to be able to seek immediate medical help. 

“Each disease is different, and the time between when your child might have been exposed to a disease and when he or she may get sick will vary. Talk with your doctor to get their guidelines for determining when your child is no longer at risk of coming down with the disease.

“Owners of crèches, day care centres and pre-schools must be in touch with their school paediatrician to ensure the teachers are on the alert for early identification of sick children”, it added. 

The public is advised to practise safety measures: Exclusive breastfeeding, healthy and safe complementary feeding, hand washing, cough hygiene, proper disposal of solid waste and general issues of cleanliness. 

“Notify your doctor or medical personnel that your child has not been fully vaccinated before they have contact with your child or your family members.

“They need to know that your child may have a vaccine-preventable disease so that they can treat your child correctly as quickly as possible”, the statement said. 



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