Auditions for Citi TV/Citi FM’s Voice Factory end, 10 contestants to be selected


10 finalists are set to be selected as contestants for Citi TV/Citi FM’s music reality show, Voice Factory.

This follows intense auditions which came off over the weekend with bold and enchanting performances by young talents hoping to become Ghana’s big music personality. 

Many talents aged between 18 years and 24 years showed up during the two-day auditions with the aim of securing the opportunity to exhibit their musical talents.

Participants from different parts of the country including the Upper East Region, represented all music genres including rap, dancehall, afro beats, highlife, gospel and reggae.

The vocal talents’ delivery, confidence, uniqueness and stagecraft were on point. Others tried to impress the judges, but luck was not on their side.

One of the participants said, “It’s my talent, the school I completed in Sunyani was also a music school, so through that, I was able to have some ideas about music. Until today, I never knew I still have a lot of work to do when it comes to my voice”.

The auditions got more intense as the short-listed participants got one more opportunity to impress the judges during the second round of the day, in other to be part of the top 10.

Following the completion of the auditions for the 2023 Voice Factory, the next stage to look out for is shortlisting of 10 contestants.

Speaking to the Judges, they said, “We have got some really good singers and I think they are workable, I was impressed by a few of them, which is a good thing, because we really want amazing singers on the show this season. I think so far so good”.

Asked another judge what he’s looking out for in the contest he said, “I’m looking for a lot of things such as dedication, contestants putting themselves in what they do, listening to instructions, advice, especially getting themselves in a space whereby they can improve themselves or voices during the period of the show. So they need to learn”.

Apiokor Seyram Ashong Abbey, head of programmes production at Citi TV/Citi FM explained the processes, “We will do a review and Citi TV/Citi FM may just invite a few to come for review. Tune in to Citi FM/Citi TV and follow all our social media pages, and you will get all the information. You will see the judges’ conference, where they will sit down and whittle the number to 10. We will begin season five of Voice Factory on June 10.”

Voice Factory is an exhilarating music competition organized by Citi TV/Citi FM, providing a platform for young individuals to showcase their extraordinary musical talents.

This captivating contest will span a sixteen-week period, specifically targeting aspiring participants aged between 18 and 24 years in Ghana.

Since all auditions are completed, the top 10 contestants will be carefully chosen. The list of these finalists will be announced through various media channels, generating excitement and anticipation for the main competition.

The top 10 contestants will then embark on a thrilling journey, navigating through 12 weeks of themed competitions such as Reggae/Dancehall, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Pop, Afro-pop/Hiplife, Highlife, Inspirational Gospel, Duet (Team-Up), Face-Offs, Acoustic Night, and Artiste Night. Throughout these weeks, there will be eliminations leading up to the grand finale.



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