Avoid using mobile phones close to LPG – Gas Expert


By Mercy Arthur, GNA  

Tema, March 5, GNA – The public have been urged not to use mobile phones while cooking, especially when using a gas stove, Mr. Samuel Otu Larbi, the Chief Executive Officer of Solution Solve Limited, has said.  

He explained, “If there is a gas leakage you are likely not to be aware of and your phone heats up to the point where there is a short circuit, the small arc of electricity created, combined with the gas, can cause an explosion.”  

He stressed that electromagnetic waves could induce current and generate an electric spark in metal conductors, “this can be hazardous near a Filling Station, including Gas, that is why mobile phones are recommended to be switched off.”  

Mr. Otu Larbi was speaking at the Ghana News Agency Dialogue series, where he addressed issues related to the use of mobile phones in unauthorized zones, including the kitchen, and Gas Filling Stations.  

He explained that in households Gas explosions were mostly caused by leakages from Gas Cylinders, the tube connecting the cylinder, and the gas-powered stove.   

He said the leaked gas could cause hazards when mixed with air within reach of an adjacent combustible source.  

Mr. Otu Larbi, therefore, cautioned the public on the dangers of using a mobile phone in a kitchen or at a Gas Filling Station, which could trigger an explosion.  

Mr. Otu Larbi emphasized the risk factor associated with cell phones, which might result in a fire explosion because of the frequency or electrical waves from the air when one was receiving a call while cooking in the kitchen in the midst of possible leakage.  

He said any electrical gadgets that aid in making communication easy must not be placed near a gas cylinder or gas filling stations to prevent any explosion which might lead to injuries or loss of properties.  

He also warned Filling Station attendants against the practice of using a mobile phone at the station; “using a mobile phone at a gas filling station could cause danger.”  

Mr. Otu Larbi urged LPG consumers to obey rules and regulations associated with the use of gas to prevent any damages or dangers and save one’s life in society. 



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