Ayoba Outdoors ‘Nite Nite’ Romantic Comedy Series


Mtn Ayoba

MTN Ayoba, the all-in-one app, which was developed to bridge the digital divide and harness growth by placing a spotlight on African content has teamed up with one of Ghana’s most prolific and creative filmmakers, Eddie Seddoh, to release a new romantic comedy series, ‘Nite Nite’ exclusively for all Ayoba users. The premier begins on 30th August 2023.

Viewers will be treated to a rib-tickling journey into the world of laughter and romance with the much-anticipated launch of this series. MTN users across Ghana will be able to watch this series for free with no charges to their data bundle.

The series takes a leap into everyday love adventures, taking viewers on a journey of how people are navigating new relationships through the eyes of the two principal characters, Zaq and Zoe.

The mini-series connects with viewers in an interactive way, where the characters get to engage in conversations with influencers and viewers based on the storyline. Viewers will get to enjoy exclusive behind-the-scenes footage in addition to the weekly episodes.

The series is written and produced by one of Ghana’s most creative filmmakers, Eddie Seddoh, whose content in television shows has charmed audiences around the continent with iconic characters and blockbuster episodes. Eddie is the renowned writer of YOLO, X.O.X.O., and most recently, Boyzone.

Ayoba is currently available on Google Playstore to all MTN and non-MTN customers within the digital ecosystem.


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