Bawumia is the only one who can break the 8 for NPP – Kofi Tonto


Vice President Bawumia
Dr. Bawumia

Kofi Tonto, a member of the communications team for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia’s presidential campaign in 2024, claims that Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has a competitive edge that will help the New Patriotic Party (NPP) break the eight in the 2024 polls.

According to him, Bawumia would lead the party to victory in the 2024 elections, enabling the NPP to become the first political party in the Fourth Republic to win three straight elections.

“Bawumia is someone who is very competent, someone who has gone through the country, who understands every problem in the country, understands the constituents, and understands wherever we are coming from,”Kofi Tonto added.

“And Bawumia possesses the competitive edge needed to motivate the rest of us and help us break the eight. And for that reason, I went with Dr. Bawumia,”Kofi Tonto told TV3.

Kofi Tonto stated, “I am convinced and persuaded in my mind when the contest comes on, the least the man [Bawumia] can have is 75% nationwide.”

He claimed that Vice President Bawumia is in the lead because of his qualifications, background, and leadership abilities.

He continued by saying that Dr. Bawumia is the most popular candidate for president of Ghana.

The Vice President, who is vying to lead the NPP into the 2024 general elections, garnered an overwhelming 68.15% of the vote in a Special Delegates’ Conference held on August 26.


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