Be specific, which sectors do you want govt to cut expenditure? – Pius asks German Ambassador


The German Ambassador to Ghana, Daniel Krull, who advised the Akufo-Addo administration to cut its expenditure and the size of the government, has been told to be specific in the areas he wants the government to reduce spending.

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA) Pius Enam Hadzide indicated that the easiest thing to do is to just call for cuts in government spending and not give specifics.

The German Ambassador while addressing the press on Friday, wondered why Ghana has been crying to the international community for help when the country continues to operate a large size government bigger than that of Germany.

“I only can compare with other countries like my own and I can just come to the conclusion that the number is much higher than in my country. So that might bring me to the conclusion that maybe there’s room for improvement.”

“Well, of course, it depends very much on what kind of expenditures you’re looking at… I’m convinced this is true for if I look at the budget of the German Foreign Ministry of the German government, I’m convinced there are important tasks that can be cut without hurting economic development. And I’m convinced without going into details this also is true for Ghana. There are certain expenditures that can be lowered substantially and make an important impact, and it has to be part of the package.

“I mean, I cannot go out to the international community and say I need help, but I’m not willing to cut my own budget expenditures. I have to be careful not to cut the social expenditures that are destroying lives and families. I have to be very careful not to take measures that might negatively impact economic growth.

“But I’m convinced there are many expenditures that could be looked at very carefully and can be lowered substantially,” he said.

But speaking on the Big Issue, on TV3 Tuesday February 28, Mr Hadzide said “First of all, I think that we must understand that there are rules that govern international diplomacy, and as much as Ambassadors and representatives of sovereigns are allowed certain levels of laxity, there are rules within the Vienna Convention that must guide our narrative.


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