Chief of Tamale calls for release of suspects arrested for attacking court


The chief of Tamale, Gulkpegu Naa, has called on the police to immediately and unconditionally release the suspects arrested in connection with the attack on the Tamale District Court on Monday, August 28, 2023.

The suspects were arrested after a group of irate youth stormed the court premises and pelted it with stones, destroying fixtures and injuring a police officer.

The youth were protesting the release of a drug dealer who they accused of being shielded by the police.

Following the attack, 13 suspects were arrested.

Addressing the media on behalf of the chief, Saha Naa Abdul Latif, said the police should release the suspects and return their motorbikes.

He also alleged that the police stormed the Gukpe Naa’s Palace and started shooting into the palace, wounding five people.

“I took off from the UDS campus rushed here, and I couldn’t even find my way to the police headquarters and from there I managed to make my way to the district court where the youth amassed. Actually, the whole issue centered on the drug peddling that is going on in town. So the youth of Tamale with the support of the chiefs and everybody have vowed to leave the drug trade in the mud so those who were arrested were arraigned before the district court.”

“But I hear those drug peddlers were allowed off the hook, so the youth did not take it kindly. And unfortunately, the police came in and started firing indiscriminately and in the process five of our compatriots got wounded and are currently receiving treatment at various hospitals within the municipality. Then later on in the day we also heard some five policemen were also wounded,” he stated.

The Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG) has condemned the unlawful invasion of the Tamale District Court by the youth.

JUSAG said the attack was a clear attempt to undermine the rule of law and called on the police to bring the perpetrators to justice.

The police have said they are investigating the attack and that the suspects will be brought to justice.


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