China Matters’ Feature: What Makes Ningbo-CEEC Connection Vibrant?


Ningbo is a vibrant city located on China’s east coast, boasting the third largest container port in the world. The finance-friendly environment and favourable policies facilitate Ningbo’s role as a hub for international commerce. 

Specifically, Ningbo has become one of Central and Eastern Europe’s largest business partners. 2022 saw Ningbo’s imports and exports with CEE countries reach a staggering 45 billion yuan.  

What makes it happen? 

In this video produced by China Matters, Jay Birbeck, from the UK, takes a trip to Ningbo to see what all the buzz is about. Before the third China-CEEC Expo scheduled for May 16 to 20, Jay makes his first stop at the CEEC Permanent Exhibition Hall, a “treasure trove” of imported products exclusively from CEE countries.  

Here he meets the manager of the Serbia pavilion, Guo Xiao, who fills him in on the advantages of doing business in Ningbo, such as subsidies, discounted interested rates, and even free rent. “At the third China-CEEC Expo, we hope to meet more buyers from China with our products,” Guo said. 

Jay also checks out Minth, a local company in Ningbo that has been rapidly expanding into European markets. Minth manufactures the casing that protects car batteries for new energy vehicles. Audi, BMW and Tesla are among its clients. Jay witnesses firsthand how these battery casings are tested and proven safe. 


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