Chloe International to construct 60-seater toilet facility for Accra High School


A sod cutting ceremony has been held to mark commencement of construction works on a 60-seater toilet facility for the Accra High School.

The project sponsored by Chleo International Company Limited will see a 40-seater toilet facility built for the school’s classroom block and a 20-seater also for the girls’ dormitory.

The project which is expected to be completed within six months will be replicated in other schools in the country to ease the many challenges associated with places of convenience for students.

As part of the school’s centenary celebration, Chleo International will also be giving Accra High School a facelift by way of painting the entire school.

Speaking during the sod cutting ceremony on March 3, 2023, the Headmistress of Accra High School, Madam Evelyn Nabia, explained, “this project is supposed to run for six months, latest by the first week of September 2023. 40-seater of this project will be built around the classroom block, 20 for girls and 20 for boys. The other 20-seater will be around the girls’ dormitory”.

Madam Evelyn Nabia expressed appreciation to the Chief Executive Officer of Chleo International Company Limited, Mr. Christian Owusu Ansah for supporting the school.

“As a school, for us, this project is timely because the facilities we have in the school is as old as the time the school was moved from Aayaloloo to the current location. As at the time the school moved there, the population was not as much as it is now. So there is a lot of pressure on the few toilet facilities that we have. So when he brought this information, we received it as good news. Being in the centenary year, we saw that this will be part of our centenary package and the fact that our school will also be given a facelift, it will brighten us up for the centenary. We are so happy and grateful to Chleo International for this honour done us,” she remarked.

On his part, Mr. Owusu Ansah explained that little attention has been given to the provision of toilet facilities in the country.

According to Mr. Owusu Ansah, 20-years ago he had the vision of helping to solve the toilet problems in the country hence the move to build toilets in schools.

He added that the GH₵2.5 million funds earmarked for the project will be mobilised from the public adding that he wants to embark on this project across the country to augment the existing ones.

“20-years ago I had this vision when I went to Japan. I realised that their toilets and markets were so clean that one could sleep there without having any problem. But I observed that same cannot be said about our toilets. This is a project that we will be doing in other schools across the country. Most of girls pick STIs and other diseases from the toilets in their schools. I want to address this situation to augment the existing toilet facilities in the various schools,” CEO of Chleo International explained.

The ceremony was attended by the PTA Chairman, Board Chair of the school and some old students.


The Headmistress of Accra High School scooping the first sand



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