Congolese Artist Kami Leonne Knows She Is “The One”


The One Offical Artwork
The One Offical Artwork

Congolese singer/songwriter Kami Leonne returns with her 2023 debut single “The One”. Produced by the talented Omani artist/producer Adam Nabeel, the record seamlessly blends romantic guitar melodies with enchanting rhythms of Zouk and Son Cubano, and modern sounds of Afrobeats and R&B.

Leonne’s crooning voice is infused with intention and passion, as she refuses to conform with lyrics about faith, self-love, and believing in oneself. From her sultry vocals to smooth harmonies, “The One” oozes with maturity and sensuality, making it the perfect addition to any late-night ambiance or chill session playlist.

Kami Leonne
Kami Leonne

Speaking on the single, Leonne says: “The One” is an empowering and uplifting song born out of self-intimacy. The record recounts emotions I have experienced first hand and the lyrics are filled with positive affirmations and conversations I’ve had with myself during my journey as an artist. It is ultimately a song about reveling in your confidence, loving yourself and being aligned in your purpose.”

Representing The Democratic Republic of Congo, singer/songwriter Kami Leonne is a genre-defying artist with a voice so smooth, it sweetens any record she’s on. With co-signs from Lyrical Lemonade, Native Mag and Ones To Watch, the up-coming talent is emerging onto the scene as one of the few artists who has yet to reveal her face to the public.

Having lived in over 5 countries, it comes as no surprise that she is influenced by her upbringing and inspired by her life experiences. Refusing to compromise her cultural diversity, her sound is a unique blend of English, French, Spanish, Lingala and Arabic over modern Afrobeats and R&B productions. Proclaimed as the Queen of “Silky Trap” and “AfroSilk”, Kami forges a path of her own by remaining true to herself.

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