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Dumelo & Nuamah: Ayawaso West Wuogon lures two besties into a fierce battle
John Dumelo and Fred Nuamah

Quite a number of persons from the Creative Arts industry including actors, musicians, and event organizers have expressed interest in becoming parliamentarians.

Prominent among them are John Dumelo, Fred Nuamah, who have both expressed intentions of contesting for the Ayawaso West Wougon ticket, Baba Abdul Sadiq for Okaikoi Central and musician Okotor Perry for Cape Coast South.

They have all picked up forms to contest the NDC primaries aimed at selecting parliamentary candidates for the 2024 general elections.

This news has created excitement in the Creative Art industry, as it is believed that their participation in legislating for the country will augur well for the industry, in solving the plethora of challenges it faces.

Speaking to Ato Kwamena D’Gem in an interview Media General’s Takoradi-based radio station Connect FM, entertainment pundit Kojo Kinn said even though he is excited, he is being cautious.

According to him, the hitherto perception of creatives being regarded as dimwits and not worthy of political leadership has changed but cautioned that people be measured in their expectations.

“We should be happy a lot of creatives are aspiring to become MPs because the narrative was different some years back.

“People passed derogatory comments about creatives who wanted to venture into politics because they weren’t taken seriously. If the numbers get high there [in Parliament], they can be on various committees and can give expert knowledge and contributions during discourse regarding the industry.”

He was, however, quick to add that even though they may be creatives, they would be in Parliament to represent their constituency and that will be priority over and above every other.

“… they will be there on the tickets of their constituencies, hence their constituencies become their priorities. They can help other Creatives in their constituencies since they understand the art, but to think they may be there to solve national issues like the royalty payment system in the music industry or will be solving the dwindling movie industry, then, we may be expecting too much from them. They will be there as MPs and not Ministers, and their constituencies will be their topmost priority,” he said.

By Kofi Ansah||Ghana


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