Derick Darko: My church family @ 39! How I got reborn at ICGC


What is a Church? The Apostle Paul in Ephesians describes the Church as the Body where different members are connected and grow (4:16).

My first day at ICGC Christ Temple was at the Rebirth Men Fellowship. I had heard Pastor Mensa Otabil talk about it on Sunday Service online.

It came at a time when I was coming alive to the fact that I needed to get closer to GOD but had no idea where to begin or what to do.

Ps. Otabil’s teachings have always been my go-to for spiritual wisdom and direction in times of confusion; thus when he made the call, I showed up.

It was an interesting gathering; men of different ages and social stature were urged to interact and get to know each other as members of one church family; I made a few friends.

The experience itself was not spiritually dramatic in any sense; however, Pastor Otabil would go on to speak about how important it was for Men to rise up to their responsibilities as Men not just to others but to themselves and to God. To fulfil their God-given potential as Men and not let God down.

It didn’t hit me then, but in hindsight; my journey to be reborn in the Lord truly began that day. I left there determined to fulfil God’s purpose for my life

That journey led me to commit boldly to 40 days of Power. I had never previously fasted beyond a few days at a time. 

It proved to be the most transformative period of my life thus far.

It was an experience, so spiritually deep for me, that try as I may, it would be impossible to fully communicate in words.

I stayed indoors throughout the period, and coming out for the Greater Works Conference in person felt like a Homecoming of sorts for me. It was absolutely worth it.

I couldn’t help but notice the attention to detail in execution as well as how intentional the church organization was at pursuing excellence in every facet of the event execution. I was so inspired, I felt led to write about it in my first feature article in over five years.

From then on, my online service participation soon evolved into weekly in-person Sunday service. Honestly as convenient as Sunday Service online may be; nothing beats the experience at church – the music; the teaching; the people; the atmosphere. You need to try it to understand.

On my first Sunday worshipping in person; I was given a Let’s Connect Card; it said to put my name and contact on it and give back so I did; for the next couple of weeks I received quite a flattering number of check-in calls- I definitely didn’t expect that, but it was a welcome surprise.

Someone said you get lost in Big churches; I have never felt lost here.

Later on, I would be invited to join the Adult Bible Class, a program in the church that takes new members through a bible study course.

I declined for many months and then finally gave in out of sheer curiosity after Pastor Mensah Otabil mentioned it in a pre-sermon announcement one Sunday.

Now a month later, I am confident that I am on track to graduate to the next level of my ABC course. I haven’t missed a beat since my first class. My ‘Rebirth’ inspired me to become a student of the Word, and the ABC course is designed to facilitate the teaching of the Word, so it turned out to be the perfect fit. 

I have about 20 other coursemates in my group; different people from different walks of life and once every week for 2 hours we commune to learn the Word.

There are about three groups at every stage of the course; each group with about 20 members and there are three levels in the course.

Thus at every level, there are about 60 members being taken through a well-defined bible study course that will inevitably improve and impact their spiritual and social lives. 

By offering ABC, ICGC continually produces new believers who are well-versed in the Word. That’s powerful! And should be applauded and supported especially when you consider that it is free and oh there’s a refreshment after every class too!

It’s one of many examples of progressive programs put in place by the church aimed at cultivating members who understand the Word and whose lives are improved as a result.

Officially, I am barely a year old as an ICGC member; In my mind however, I have been an ICGC member since my teenage years; following and consuming Ps. Otabil’s teachings via the Living Word broadcast and later online. There are many, who may not identify as ICGC church members, but have benefited greatly from the kitchen-sink realities served through the gospel by Pastor Otabil for the last 3 decades.

As a member, the opportunity to drink from this well of God’s wisdom every Sunday is a privilege I never take for granted and am grateful to God for every day.

In 39 years, the Lord has used Pastor and Lady Mensa Otabil to bless multiple generations and I am just glad I found my way here as part of a family of members that are truly connected together by our collective faith and belief in the Lord Jesus Christ; and under the leadership of a venerable teacher of the Word, we continue to grow together.

Counting down to 40 years in our year of Gathering where none shall be lost or wasted.

Congratulations to Ps and Lady Mensa Otabil as well as the entire global ICGC family. We are 39!

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