Develop Ningo just as your husband is doing for his hometown Kyebi – Sam George to First Lady


The Member of Parliament for the Ningo Prampram Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Samuel Nartey George, has admonished the First Lady, Rebecca Akufo-Addo, to lobby for development projects in Ningo her hometown, before it is too late.

The NDC MP, who revealed in an interview with Philip Osei Bonsu, A.K.A OB, host of EKOSIISEN on Asempa FM that she’s related to the First Lady, said it’s a shame that Mrs Akufo-Addo has not used her influence to push for any visible legacy project in Ningo.

According to him, he has on numerous occasions advised the First Lady, who’s his mother’s cousin, to do the right thing but she has failed to act.

Although in the scheme of things a First Lady is not an agent of development, Sam George believes she owes that moral obligation to her people, and must take a cue from how her husband is spearheading development in his hometown, Kyebi in the Eastern Region.

He said he has also appealed to President Akufo-Addo to consider fixing roads and constructing a hospital in his constituency, bearing in mind that his wife hails from Ningo.

“I told President Akufo-Addo to his face when he came for the commissioning of the first phase of the Tema-Mpakadan Railway project, that I want him to fix the roads in Ningo Prampram because his wife hails from there. I want him to connect electricity and build hospitals in Ningo-Prampram because my people need it. I am not an MP who will say that I only expect development from the NDC. What I want is development for my people, and I don’t care which government spearheads that development. I told President Akufo-Addo that anytime he spearheads development in my constituency my votes go up because that’s the favour God has blessed me with. So he has to try and develop my constituency for me.”

When the host asked him if he had officially engaged the First Lady about his concerns since she’s her constituent and his aunt, Sam George said, “The President’s wife doesn’t do well. I haven’t spoken with her, but I have said these things on several platforms. If she’s listening to Asempa FM, I want to advise her as my aunt. She’s my mother’s cousin. I want to advise that if she’s not careful and she continues just as she’s done in the last six and half years when her husband’s tenure ends in 2025, she can’t come back home.”

After he was pushed further, the MP said the only thing the First Lady had spearheaded for the constituency is the provision of a bus to New Ningo and the renovation of a market structure.

“She has given New Ningo a 55-seater bus which is used to convey children to and from school in the town. She’s also ensured the painting and renovation of a 30-year-old market at New Ningo. That’s all she’s done” he claimed.

“When you come to Ningo, the road to Ningo doesn’t go through Prampram. It lies on the main Aflao road towards Tsopoli. Tsopoli to Ningo is the ancestral road to Ningo. It’s a 14.5 km road. I am saying that Rebecca Akufo-Addo should tell her husband so that they will fix that road.

“Even if they name it after her as Rebecca Akufo-Addo Highway I don’t care. But let that be her legacy. Let her do something that people in Ningo Prampram will remember her, that as a Ningo native, this is what she’s done as her support to her people. If she continues following those she follows around and listening to them when she’s in town, all I will tell her is that she will be hooted one day because she has no legacy. If she has done any legacy project, let her office respond and call me a liar” he stated.

Asked whether he has personally engaged the First Lady to think through his ideas with her, Sam George said “She’s working closely with the DCE’s office so the DCE should help her get it. I will continue to use these platforms to advise her. Her husband’s tenure is left with one and a half years, and she has absolutely no legacy in Ningo Prampram, and in the traditional area she comes from, Ningo.

He thinks fixing the 14.5 Km road would be her major legacy if she succeeds at it.

“Even if she did only that, at least we can remember her. As for the bus she donated, just give it about five years, and it will break down. Then what else? But if a road or something else is constructed, it will mean something.

“Recently, the little girl I supported to participate in TV3’s Talented Kidz, was invited by the First Lady after she won. I told the little girl’s father to tell the First Lady that she should come and build a special needs school because the girl is a special needs child. Strangely, the girl has a problem with hearing and speech, but she listens to music and dances to it and was able to win the competition, so build a special school in honour of that girl. I have given several pieces of advice on what to do, but because it’s coming from Sam George they don’t want to listen.

When the host reminded him that his advice to the First Lady may not be getting to her through the right channels, the Ningo Prampram MP retorted, “Am I even supposed to be the one to tell the First Lady to push for something for her hometown? Doesn’t she follow her husband to his hometown Kyebi? Doesn’t she see the work that has been done there? Even a cemetery there has been asphalted. Even if she doesn’t know this, can’t she pick a lesson from her husband’s hometown? Is it Sam George that should even tell you to do something for the community where you come from?” the MP quizzed?

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