Don’t approve ‘untruthful’ OB Amoah


The Ghana First Company Limited – a sanitation management company – has petitioned the Appointments Committee of Parliament not to approve the Minister of State-designate for the Local Government and Rural Development Ministry.

The company in a lengthy statement accused the minister-designate of being economical with the truth in relation to his responses to questions asked by Alhassan Sayibu Suhuyini, MP for Tamale North over the Ghana First Co. Ltd projects.

The Company stated that O.B. Amoah deliberately concealed the actual truth about the entire projects and the Agreements covering them.

“It is in this note that we hereby express our disappointment and dissatisfaction about the responses which Hon O.B Amoah gave on the Ghana First Co. Ltd and the Clean Ghana Project both in his two vettings which are factually incorrect and inaccurate.”

“We strongly believe the minister designate was trying to hide the truth from the good people of Ghana as well as Parliament having regards to the fact that he has all the facts on these projects but twisted the facts to suit his parochial interest for Parliament to approve his nomination.”

According to the company O.B Amoah has been part of all the “processes of all projects and has all the relevant documents on these projects as a company, we find the posture and attitude of O.B Amoah towards the company disheartening, and it is about time we bring the whole truth on the matter for the good people Ghana to know.”

The company added that “we strongly believe if Hon. O.B Amoah gets the approval of Parliament to become Minister of State for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, it will not augur well for the smooth running of the Ministry of Local Government.

“This has become necessary for the company to do this because every Ghanaian has an interest in this project and is waiting for this project to start functioning because of its importance and usefulness to the country, and sadly the very person who has the responsibility to make this happen and to tell the whole world the truth about this project has deliberately been hiding the truth about the projects.

“From the above, it obviously clear that Hon O.B Amoah has been economical with the truth of the whole Agreement and we humbly appeal to this Honorable Committee not to approve the appointment of Hon O.B Amoah until he has made the full disclosure of the truth of the Agreement and apologize to the good people of Ghana and Parliament.”

Click here to read the full petition by Ghana First Company Limited


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