Dr. A.S. Anamzoya: I disagree with Frank Annoh-Dompreh, MP for Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency


A number of MPs have thrown their weight behind one of the candidates aspiring to lead the New Patriotic Party as flagbearer in 2024.

How important is this move was the question a host on Metro TV recently asked Hon. Frank Annoh-Dompreh, and in his answer, the Member of Parliament for Nsawam Adoagyiri Constituency said inter alia:

1. “It is important for various/obvious reasons. Don’t forget that the MPs were voted by the grassroots, the polling station executives. So the MPs largely reflect the grassroots’ mandate in terms of who they want to represent in Parliament.

Then he added:

2. “I am telling you that if you have about 80% of the MPs on your side, you have close to 60% of the grassroots on your side.”

These two statements together are wrong, they are fallacies of wrong comparison, wrong analogy and wrong conclusions. We would be doing ourselves and the discerning public a disservice if we allow these two statements to go unquestioned.

Regarding the above statements, the 70% of the 1,000 delegates who voted for you in December 2020 to go to Parliament, did so for several reasons. Whatever these reasons were, the collective intention of the delegates in Nsawam Adoagyiri was to send you to Parliament to REPRESENT THEM IN PARLIAMENT AS A LAW MAKER AND NOT TO CHOOSE AN NPP FLAGBEARER FOR THEM TO LEAD THE PARTY IN 2024. You could have, and you do have your choice of who leads NPP in 2024 General Elections. But that’s your choice as you, Hon. Frank Annoh-Dompreh. And your choice does not, in anyway, reflect the 1,000 delegates in your constituency. So please, don’t insult the intelligence of your delegates and other delegates across the country by assuming that what you, and your colleague MPs want, is what the delegates in your constituency also want.

Let me give you the benefit of the doubt that you could be a grassroots MP and therefore could easily win back your seat. Fair enough. But the candidate you support, may not be a grassroots person. Your good self, and other MPs in your category need to reflect on the following:

1. What could possibly be the implication of my support for a particular aspirant on my own political fortunes in my constituency, especially if the said aspirant has lost touch with the grassroots?

2. Could my grassroot delegates and the general populace vote against me if I publicly follow an aspirant who, compared to other aspirants is not popular with the grassroots? In other words, could there possibly be a skirt and blouse voting?

3. Have I, or any of my fellow MPs conducted any scientific survey to determine what percentage of the grassroots in my constituency support any particular candidate, for which reason I could be guided going forward?

4. Do my grassroot delegates and general supporters who voted me as MP, see my support for a particular aspirant as representing my personal interest, or the interest of the grassroots in my constituency?

As we reflect on the above, let me conclude by reminding us that during the national congress to elect our national officers of NPP, Chairman Samba, the Northern Regional Chairman, had publicly told John Boadu, then General Secretary of the party that he needed not come to campaign in Northern Region. Chairman Samba  publicly assured John Boadu that he would win hands down in the Northern Region. At the end of the contest, the same people who voted Samba to become their Northern Regional Chiarman, voted against his wish for John Boadu to retain his position as General Secretary of NPP.

I conclude with a statement among the Dagomba in Northern Region that states: Saazugu jaambong, sokam tagrila o zugu ni. To wit: A club falling from the skies, everybody protects the head. I urge you, Hon. Frank Annoh-Dompreh (and other MPs who think same), to protect your head against the falling club from the skies.

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