Eliminate political bullying to encourage women’s active participation in politics – Goski Alabi


Professor Mrs. Goski Alabi, Consulting President of Laweh University College, Accra, has called for the elimination of political bullying of women in the public space in order to encourage their active participation in politics.

According to Prof. Mrs. Alabi, although many women are chalking up remarkable feats in trade, education, business, ICT and other endeavours, they are afraid to get involved in active politics and repeat similar feats, for fear of verbal attacks.

She made the call in her opening remarks as the chairperson during an event by the Executive Network at the La Palm Beach Hotel in Accra on Wednesday, March 8, which also marks the International Women’s Day. The event was under the theme “Strategically Position Your Brand in 2023”.

She observed that young ladies were sometimes not spared from cyberbullying. “They are dissected and intimidated, among others, and these tend to destroy their pride.”

Prof. Mrs. Alabi asserted, “Women can never be men and men can never be women. We are biologically different. I don’t  believe in feminism, but believe in gender equity, where both men and women are offered equal opportunities to contribute to the table.”

She advised women not to allow themselves to feel inferior. “No one can make you feel inferior unless you agree to it,” she stressed.

The Executive Network consists of captains of industries and has among its aims, to strategically position businesses and leverage their networks for competitive advantage.


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