Enforcing 2017 ITLOS Ruling: Ghana Boundary Commission urges Ghanaians and Ivorians to report any violations


The National Coordinator of the Ghana Boundary Commission is urging Ghanaian and Ivorian residents in the border community of Grand Bassam to do their part in securing the boundaries of the two countries by reporting any violations.

Major General Emmanuel Kotia speaking during a sensitisation programme urged the residents to be vigilant.

“We want to use this opportunity to advise you to be very alert so far as our boundaries are concerned.

“Make sure any violations from any of the sides are reported either to the Ghana Boundary Commission or the Boundary Commission of Cote d’Ivoire,” he said.

He said by maintaining the sanctity of the international boundary line, residents there are helping to protect the territorial sovereignty of both countries.

Enforcing 2017 ITLOS Ruling: Ghana Boundary Commission urges Ghanaians and Ivorians to report any violations

Major General Emmanuel Kotia said the two countries have been discussing various initiatives on how to improve cross-boundary cooperation.

“What we are now doing is to implement the ITLOS ruling, the boundary commissions of Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire are working together to manage a number of issues.

“First, a joint inspection of the maritime boundary so that we make sure there are no violations of the maritime boundary.

“Secondly, we will also be undertaking activities to help people living along the shores of the maritime boundary so far as cross-boundary cooperation is concerned,” he said.

Major General Emmanuel Kotia also urged the residents to respect the rules and regulations governing the international maritime boundary.

“We know most of you are involved in fishing, make sure you obey the regulations and you do not veer into places that you are not supposed to go so far as the international maritime boundary is concerned,” he said.

The chief of the Ghanaian residents in Grand Bassam said he is excited about the sensitisation programme.

He said they will help to safeguard Ghana’s Western maritime boundary.

“The programme was very helpful and as you can see my people are excited about the education we had. We come from Ghana and it’s our civic responsibility,” he said.

Another resident, a fisherman, Robert Adjorlolo, said they had heard of the maritime dispute and the ITLOs ruling but did not know they had any role to play in the enforcement of the decision.

He said they will report any violations.

Ghana’s Western maritime maritime boundary became topical after the 2017 International Tribunal of the Law of the Sea(ITLOS) ruling which said, there has not been any violation on the part of Ghana on Côte d’Ivoire’s maritime boundary.

Enforcing 2017 ITLOS Ruling: Ghana Boundary Commission urges Ghanaians and Ivorians to report any violations

It also noted that Ghana has not violated Côte d’Ivoire’s sovereign rights with its oil exploration in the disputed basin.

The Ghana Boundary Commission regularly organises awareness programmes in border communities to educate residents on their role in helping to secure the boundaries of the country.

Present at the sensitisation programme were chiefs, residents and opinion leaders.

A joint inspection by the Ghana Boundary Commission, the Navy and other state institutions in April revealed there is no violation of Ghana’s Western maritime boundary as ruled by ITLOs in 2017.

The team used surveillance drones and a naval ship for the inspection around Ghana’s Western maritime boundary to ensure there are no illegal activities going on there.

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