Every Ministry have needs and Wants to list, plan for and avoid sacrificing any



The Questions, you, every minister and president, should Answer?

A person, family, and every country have needs and wants; so it is vital to have a plan for all your needs and reasonable wants. Similarly, every government ministry have needs and wants to meet, so a comprehensive plan should be presented with timeline or you are blindly entrusting something vital to questionable folks. These days, Anytime God inspires me to share good visions with politicians, I feel hopeless or doubtful, because they have rejected many good to great ideas. However, when a portion of the plan can be carried without government, I feel slightly hopeful . Also understanding government will keep changing mean educating the young and aspiring adults may yield good one day. Finally, I know the God who can convince or remove them may act anytime , and that gives me hope. So see yourself as president and try to come up with a comprehensive plan for every ministry , or deeply study the hints I offer and see how you can echo or rewrite where you agree in better ways . Showlove Trinity is my philosophy and arguably better than any philosophy out there, including capitalism, socialism, communism , and all these labels of governments.

Our needs and responsibilities are universal, our wants and preferred rights are close. It is hard to say whether governments are guilty of ignorance or cruelty, but I cannot see one good government on earth. There is not a country where countless potentially good people do not suffer. Countries like the u.s and other big countries just seem to have better image guarding propaganda, but people are suffering and perhaps not totally innocent people, but redeemable ones? The sacrificing of some within a capitalist+ government is a sad reality that should not exist, especially up to needs; but it actually extends to sacrificing a country by country, every now and then, which needs to stop.

Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun is indeed just an explained discovery, because it sustained humankind varyingly since creation. My very self, I didn’t know or think I respected the philosophy enough and early. If it can help the world to be free of needs, then it can surely help a country, family, or individual? Well, since ‘let’s’ mean let us then it is beyond individual, you need partners to largely succeed in life, at least on material things. What the evil capitalist did to many good folks is sanctions, stifling ‘let’s’ , especially on learning and working.

I strongly admire how Cuba attained almost 100% literacy before the Internet age. You should study their methods and try to do similar for every country, even if it means forcing adults… illiterates are very hard to deal with, harder to help, and knowledge is the main advantage and difference between humans and other visible animals. So educating people is making them human; a good parent will educate children, but if you are indifferent to the educational opportunity of your neighbor or even neighboring countries, then I question your gratitude and if karma may not visit you?

Education ministry: Indeed the president should have a plan for every ministry, but s/he should demand a comprehensive plan from the top three people s/he thinks should head that ministry. The one with the best plan may likely succeed, but politicians think political allies first and questionable experiences to be permanent secretaries at ministries? You and everyone of us thought about targets and plans we can share for feasibilities. 1. How can we have full 100% adult literacy within five years, considering we have more gadgets than Cuba had? How can we punish parents who refuse to send children to school? How can we have mandatory education for up to twenty years? Just because people can read and write does not make all of them employable. We need what percentage to be highly literate and diverse enough? Listing the needs and wants of a person is relatively easy, except your wants may change in time; similarly, listing the needs and wants of educational fields is increasingly easy. We know the population of the Gambia or xyz, we can estimate our preferred population in hundred years; so recommendation, recommendation, and recommendation is vital from every ministry. How many accountants, carpenters, writers, engineers, etc do we need and want to harvest for country and beyond? Every year, give the number of students who specialises on need leaning professions, then demand a secondary speciality on want leaning professions. We have the option to shape the mindsets of the children to value work as a need, instead of ‘doing what I want’, but still not dictate what they study. Work should be seen from the lens of should and can, then ‘want’ as least important…

Health ministry: Humans largely study for material things, but we grow to understand health is more vital than material wealth. Government health spending leans on rescue, but governments should seriously set examples on preventive health and again have recommendations upon recommendations. So aspiring health ministers should present standing on preventive health and curative health plans. A wrong mindset is thinking the private sector should handle preventive health, especially in developing countries. Every district should have at least one commercial leaning preventive health center built by government or xyz as example and reveal the profit for other business folks to invest, then you may consider selling the government ones in time. A need is not something we should wait each other on, but race to serve and educate each other on. Like many ministries, you need to list the products and services you may need, then make recommendations that historians should gauge with the minister of education and president as examples. A doctor who studies engineering as secondary subject may not just operate machines better, but may invent machines or fix them, especially if we personally value and attain high health to significantly reduce doctor visits. If one can be healthy to avoid hospitals for decades, then millions can do similar; but how can we control accidents, possible new diseases, those who recklessly smoke, drink, etc towards sickness? One of my Canadian friends said visiting the hospital is a needed ‘reality check’, except some doctors who work at hospitals are sometimes reckless smokers, bleaching folks, hardly exercise, etc. Africans do regular visits to relatives in hospitals, but do we truly learn how to avoid there or just pray and complain about the cost? How does government and ordinary people police each other on health in the business world, especially on food, and still respect personal rights of up to my marijuana that reduces my visits to doctors? Many alcohol and cigarette smoking doctors are not seeing my little money and may I never or hardly visit hospitals. I do not mine regular check-up as charity, but know how to check your own health in some ways, and do not ever fear visiting doctors or taking man made medicine. However, know that plants , sunlight, and exercise are better than u.s doctors or any doctor on earth.

Justice ministry: You have long list of personal rights government may try to take away and they are not doing enough on culture of cameras to fight crimes between creatures with enough punishment. When presidential candidates vaguely promise to fight crime and focus on only drugs, then the minister of Justice you may get may focus on politically correct standing . Human laws should significantly increase how we punish sins between creatures, from insult, deceptions, to assault, and finding the true reason of freedom of speech without censorship of even social media. No ministry is as important as the justice ministry, it’s literally a branch of government and a ministry civilians can easily influence through civilians establishing a culture of cameras. You have budget for education, health, etc, but until you have a budget on things like cameras and dedicate enough thinking on what is justice, then I wonder if you care for justice or deserve the positive aspect of it. My Philosophy claim to be a means for justice, so anything unjust should be avoided, and we define justice as: as deserved in power and choice for reward and/or punishment, and Justice is pregnant with a baby called Tolerance. So how much empowering you and every citizen deserves, beyond education ? What choices you deserve and how each may lead to what? How do we punish or reward? Where should we tolerate, especially on punishment? God truly exists, want us to act on some issues, but want us to remember his presence and abilities to judge certain things. Unless you present enough evidence, we cannot believe you, and will have to defer punishment. So invest on body cameras+, urge your neighbors to buy, have contracts, and ask your candidates what funding they have for cameras versus prisons; plus how fine sharing with helpful camera owners is just and smart.

Youth and Sports ministry: I truly think the name youth and sports is not ideal; Youth should not be tied with sports, nor should sports be tied with youths. Just because most competition oriented sports are done by youths, the primary purpose of sports is not money, but health. So having ministry of sports and health makes more sense to me, but how can you explain that to money and competition oriented people? A sports ministry is suppose to be very inclusive, especially for the elderly. Having yoga as national sport of every country could have greatly help. Also just like we created female sports in accommodation, I think latter age oriented sports competition should be started in every country. It may not make much money and does not have to pay much. Above all, if you look at the sports ministry of most African countries, they do not try to invest much for the Middle age and elderly towards sports facilities. Of course, preventive health centers can be from sports or health ministry. Youths, especially African Youths, have natural tendencies to like sports, so how to balance their mindsets? Children and youths are to discover the importance of mental building , while adults and most seniors forget the importance of physical activities. Balance matters, recommendation matters, and we need our youths in many fields, not just sports. We need our middle age and elderly in sports or physical activities, or we will over spend on curative health, cry along in stress, and losing more early. So let the youths have their ministry to help them in other ministries or to know every ministry exist for them and a youth specialist to be in each…

Tourism and all other ministries deserve similar thinking. Think about how to serve the whole country and even export people in much better ways. When Cuba exports doctors, u.s exports Peace corps, etc we applaud them and must learn how can we export good excess, not ‘brain drain’ or the terrible migration crisis of the world. We certainly see many benefits to have people moving around for learning, working, or having fun; however, those who move to work often suffer unless it is prearranged work.

General mindset of the people from creation to how we learn, work, and have fun do sometimes need updating. Human material suffering is largely man made. Many people have children for social security or worse for too early retirement, from the garden age and up to date. It will take brave politicians, journalists, entertainers, etc to rectify faulty mindsets. In Africa, where humankind started, this is still a problem and reducing in what I deem a slow pace. The remedy is truthful educating of both the culprits and victims publicly and sometimes tactically. Although I still consider Africa neither best, nor worst, on children, we started the problem and sadly defending aspects of abuse to children to date. Nothing is more simplistic than having many children, indoctrinate them, and some may worship and work for you to retire before age forty, then nature may severely punish you even before you die? Then some evolve to educating children with unreasonable expectations that may split families or continue a dangerous cycle that is void of altruism. If our women cannot have sex for free or parents cannot help even their own children without huge expectations, then such a mindset may never be able to help others without huge expectations. This is the foundation of faulty mindset and why Africa lack enough altruistic people. The same mindset that our children ‘cannot repay us’ extends to politicians with indifferent mindset and little consideration for future Africans. As said, it is changing, but still problematic and talking about it will help all, including questionable parents. Similarly, other races are sometimes doing worse than Africans then and now; we know about how some Arabs killed baby girls for not being source of enough money, and keeping boys for money until Islam did a partial rescue. We know about Asians still killing or aborting baby girls after gender identification tests. At least my part of Africa never reached such terrible lows in our limited knowledge and may we never do, but that does not mean we refuse to learn where need be. We also know a higher percentage of westerners abuse children (under 13) than Africans, but some of our questionable teenage marriage compare to their teenage casual sex are both challenging … We have seen how many westerners and their governments are gambling children with LGBTQ, creating a new industry for or through them. my point is we can factually confront our problems and even their problems without being ashamed or in fear.

We can tell people to conscientiously have children or not have any. After having, there is lot of work to upbringing and most children will grow to appreciate parents even without indoctrination, but nothing is wrong in reminding children and adults to be kind to parents and way beyond parents. Great parents appreciate the joy children bring as children, continue to work for self, and will appreciate every product or service an adult offspring may bring. The best part of having children may not be for material uplifting, but if you conceive in greedy mindset, then arrogant mindset may deny you the higher character God may bestow on your offspring for anyone to learn from… What higher health and character can you get through offspring should be constantly asked to humble some parents. If you refuse knowledge from your own offspring, then refuse or accept from his or her age-mates, or a much better parent learn from your own offspring, then a witness may have been created against you? We are all under a conscientious God, checking conscientious folks as parents, children, citizens, humans beyond country, etc. Our every choice matters, not just our choices to faith, parents, or immediate family. So build the highest possible mindset, be kind and truthful to every reasonable creature, be conscientious even on food, then it will be increasingly difficult to hurt humans intentionally.

Humans have a very small but significant aspect on creating babies. It was largely imposed on heterosexuals until recently, but we now have the choice. After creation, our part is still small compare to God or nature. Multiple people may help you to up-bring that child and it is very sad if you fail to teach that child to care beyond you and family. I or someone may already be working for your child or unborn one, and we are certainly not looking for a direct reward from you or your child. I strive to help every government and how can I ever meet millions of babies, let alone benefit from them. I will appreciate God to help me lot more, even on earth, but I am sincerely thankful for even this article, God worked harder than me on?. I am fairly certain it may help dozens of people, but the knowledge in it can help billions or millions; so I admit to God that he gave me a positive ‘nuclear bomb’ , but impact matters to a human who sees how many a human are misled or suffering. What can help billions or millions is not very effective if it helps only dozens. I thank God for sparing me on many things and choices, but gratitude is in sharing to possibly help my fellow human beings.

No good parent will say at least fifty percent of my children are educated, so a great education minister must strive for 100% literacy and urge higher literacy. Let every minister gauge both quality and quantity in targets and detailed plans. If you are an adult or even a teenager, try to ponder and write on few ministries. Read others and echo the best with contrast. A widespread greedy mindsets among parents can rise towards the top, but a greedy and indifferent systems of governments
can also trickle down towards mass shootings, drugs, and other ills. May God bless us through Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo
An Activist and Transformer.

Optional note:
African cultures have been largely weak on enough learning and working standards, we lean on fun and need to balance that. I have given Cuba as example on mass education, and China is a good example on work. One of my recent articles ‘Land reforms for the Trying Poor and Climate Change ‘ have very feasible ways to help all of us own homes in less than five years. Indeed we can build homes in better ways than China built countless hospitals in weeks for covid. We just have to have great mindsets first, train, and work in altruistic spirit . Both individuals and governments should choose conscience and stop deceptions. We must also question the questionable religious folks who misinterpret the scriptures and hardly recommend conscience as the first and last test of humans.

A percentage of every ministry’s budget should go to research and development; then you can still consider another special ministry or xyz to monitor and assess Research and development (R &D). Fund matching on R & D, and achievement oriented further funding are vital. With culture of cameras, we can verify even efforts in some claims or funding.

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