Every surgery has a side effect, so I will choose exercise over body surgery – Stephanie Benson opens up


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Stephanie Benson

Plastic surgery can have both positive and negative side effects, depending on the type of procedure and individual circumstances.

And Ghanaian-UK based musician, actress, and entrepreneur, Stephanie Benson is opening up on why she chose exercise over body enhancement surgery.

Benson, 55, who is a mother of five was very vocal on diverse complications that could arise from surgery when she made an appearance on Adwuma Adwuma with Felicia Osei on Onua 95.1 FM.

She explained that personally she did not have qualms with women who went in for surgery but she would rather stick to exercising as its more healthier in the long run.

“If you’ve given birth and you want to go lift your breast because you have a number of children…Madam go and do it,” Stephanie Benson—who previously had a double mastectomy procedure after battling cancer — advised
“My daughter who called me earlier was in a famous girl band. She had a slightly flatter breast and she wanted to uplift it but i told her if she gives birth it will sag again She does think about it again if you look at my page we exercise together.”

“I think health is everything. We need to be mindful of certain things,” she added “Every surgery has its side effect. I feel if you are done with childbirth and you want to change something, go ahead.”

Stephanie also known as Princess Akua Ohenewaa is considered as one of the sexiest women in showbiz and she attributes it to her fitness lifestyle. The actress and entrepreneur was full of praise for exercising and admonished women to also take it seriously.

“If not for exercise, we won’t be here. Exercise does some wonders. People should not estimate it. I work out from home even after my hectic work schedule. After the age of 35 as a woman you need to lift some kind of weights. Any type of exercise is good. After you work out you feel so much better.”



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