Fameye accuses Fuel Station of mixing fuel with water that destroyed his Honda pilot


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Ghanaian hiplife singer, Fameye is not a happy man at the moment due to the unscrupulous actions of a fuel station he purchased fuel from.

According to Fameye, fuel that was bought to fill the tank of his 2019 Honda pilot touring was diluted with water and the action has affected the engine of his vehicle.

The obviously pent up and frustrated music artiste took to twitter to share his dilemma with the public hoping for a possible solution.

“So few days ago ,I go buy fuel for one fuel station ,700 cedis,the rest is heart breaking They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol as I’m talking to you now my car Honda pilot touring 2019 model is spoilt Spent 7k already still not working!!! What do I do?,” he tweeted.

In response to his tweet, several followers including Ghanaian blogger, NY DJ Live have advised him to take the matter up with the appropriate authorities whilst naming and shaming the perpetrators of the charlatan act.

“You should have reported to the particular station as soon as you realized it. Best way is to sue them except they are ready to take care of the expenses in restoring your car,” he tweeted.

The National Petroleum Authority, the statutory Agency regulating, overseeing and monitoring the petroleum downstream industry in Ghana has over the years warned fuel stations to desist from infusing water into their products.

It has gone further to close down fuel stations caught in the act but the trend continues to be on the rise.


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