From Raves to Rants: Social media reactions to TV3’s Perfect Match Xtra


As with any reality show, social media serves as a virtual water cooler where fans gather to discuss, praise, and critique the latest episodes.

The reactions to Perfect Match Xtra since its launch on Sunday, May 21, 2023, have been a rollercoaster ride, reflecting a wide range of emotions and opinions.

While many viewers have expressed their overall satisfaction with the show, praising the talent and energy displayed by the housemates and the concept others have also expressed their frustration with the show’s selection of candidates, bunk beds and the choice of a woman as the voice in the house.

Hashtags such as #PMXtra and #PerfectMatchXtra have trended, indicating the show’s popularity on social media platforms. Fans have particularly lauded the efforts of the contestants, recognizing their dedication to perfecting their craft and providing engaging content.

Below, we delve into the social media buzz surrounding Perfect Match Xtra, highlighting the positives, criticisms, and standout moments that have kept fans engaged.







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