Ghana should be careful not to fall into a geopolitical trap – Dr. Hlorvor


International Relations Expert, Dr. Ishmael Hlovor, has cautioned that Ghana should not fall into a geopolitical trap concerning the country’s relations with China and America.

According to him, keeping a good diplomatic balance with the two powers would ensure Ghana’s survival especially now that the country needs both powers to assist it in an IMF bailout.

“Of course, we’re interested in the Chinese; the [Finance] Minister was there last week trying to negotiate with them. These negotiations have to go side by side and we don’t need to downplay one side because of the other.

“That is the crucial thing we have to look out for now, not to fall into the geopolitical trap where you assume that one side is more beneficial so you lean to that side,” he said.

Speaking concerning the visit of United States’ Vice President, Kamala Harris, to Ghana, he noted that while China has in recent years built its presence in Ghana through huge investments, America’s role in Ghana should not be understated especially with regards to our democratic credentials, among others.

 “Remember Ghana is a democracy and therefore naturally the US will find it quite comfortable to come here and they have an interest.

“When you’re dealing with a region that recently is having problems with democracies pulling back and then you have one that looks a little bit stable, then you’d have to find a way to reassure them that the path they have chosen is good and therefore you’re always there to give them the needed support. So I think that in both ends there’s some interest at play. And it is not a relationship that we’ll say is overstated,” he said.

Kamala Harris made her first stop in Ghana on her tour of the African continent. She will be visiting Tanzania and Zambia after she leaves Ghana.

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