Ghana@66: How these Ghanaian celebrities and influencers paid tribute to Ghana


Ms. Nancy - Ghana Independence Day
Ms. Nancy – Ghana Independence Day

On 6th of March, 1957, Ghana attained Independence from colonial rule. Today marks 66 years since Dr Kwame Nkrumah announced his famous words, “Ghana, our beloved country, is free forever.”

As we celebrate 66 years of Nationhood and the toils of our founding fathers, we are reminded that Ghana is blessed with the best of talents in music, dance, culture, film and many other crucial sectors.

Ghanaians are hardworking and relentless people who are always adjusting according to their environment.

A number of TV personalities, content creators and popular figures have also used the momentous occasion to pay tribute to Ghana’s heritage and culture.

The likes of GMB’s Amoani, Sarfoa Asamoah, Tung-Teiya Dahamani, Naa Dedei joined the celebrations in fugu, kente and other colorful prints.

Ms Nancy, Thierry Nyann, Nakeyat and many others also celebrated Ghana’s freedom in national colors.

Below is a list of our favourite Ghana @ 66 looks.

1. Sarfoa Asamoah

2. Nakeeyat

3. Manu Afful

4. Ms Nancy






9. Goba Kente


10. Nana Mitch


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