GRA to prosecute 93 companies for various tax offences


The Ghana Revenue Authority is actively investigating and prosecuting approximately 93 companies for a range of tax offences.

Joseph Annan, the Accra Area Tax compliance coordinator, has emphasized that defiant non-taxpayers will face legal consequences to ensure compliance with the country’s tax laws.

Annan made this statement during a press briefing following a recent VAT compliance enforcement exercise.

“We have 93 on our list and there is another one that is being sieved through and once we are done it will be added to the 93, and we are going to go through all the 93 cases, and they are all going to follow the same process. There will be a recommendation for a full audit and there will process for court.”

Mr Annan added that very soon all taxpayers will use the electronic vat Invoicing system which will make it difficult for business owners to evade taxes.

“The E-Vat will eventually cover all taxpayers but of course, it is a process. You don’t start a new thing en masse, you need to start gradually before you expand.”


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