Half of Justin Bieber’s face has been paralyzed due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Half of Justin Bieber's face has been paralyzed due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

Justin Bieber has revealed he has been struck by a virus that caused half of his face to be temporarily paralysed.

The Canadian superstar was recently forced to cancel dates in North America.

In a three-minute video on Instagram, Bieber, 28, revealed he has been diagnosed with a rare syndrome called Ramsay Hunt, which has left the right side of his face unable to move.

As he attempts to smile, blink, and move his face, one side remains still as he continues to speak.

“As you can probably see from my face, I have this syndrome called Ramsay Hunt and it is from this virus that attacks the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves, and has caused my face to have paralysis,” he told fans.

“As you can see this eye is not blinking, I can’t smile on this side of my face,” he added.

“It’s pretty serious, I wish this wasn’t the case but obviously, my body’s telling me I gotta slow down.”

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