Heritage Caravan 2023 takes off today; Patrons to tour 14 regions


Patrons of the 2023 edition of the Heritage Caravan, a fun-filled road trip of a lifetime across Ghana, organised by Citi TV and Citi FM will take off today, Saturday, March 4, 2023, in Accra.

The Caravan which is part of Citi TV and Citi FM’s Heritage Month will take patrons to 14 different regions over the course of seven spectacular days.

This year, the participants will converge on Citi TV‘s plush premises at Tesano where the trip will take off with a kenkey party and then head to the Volta Region.

Already, some patrons say they are looking forward to an exciting trip.

“I’m looking forward to having fun. I am fully prepared for the food I’ll eat and the people I am going to meet and socialize with and trust me, I can’t wait for the trip to begin and have an amazing experience,” one of them said.

The bus rides throughout the journey will be full of storytelling, live music, partying and other fun activities.

“In terms of the organization and experience, we are being deliberate about it, so patrons have a different feel. This year will be more fun and better because we are visiting sites that we have not previously been to. All is set for Heritage Caravan 2023. We are ready for Saturday, so patrons should look forward to a great experience”, said Frema Adunyame, Head of Events and Partnership at Citi TV and Citi FM.

Make it Ghana 

The theme for Heritage Month 2023 is “Make it Ghana”.

On the trip, patrons will be visiting tourist sites. Interacting with indigenes, eating their foods and experiencing their diverse local cultures.

“Heritage Caravan is part of the activities in celebrating Heritage Month. We are trying to get Ghanaians to trigger this new way of life where Ghanaians will be paying to see several parts of Ghana. When people hear about holidays, or they are on leave, all they think about is to travel abroad. So this is to bring back the culture of knowing Ghana”, Samuel Attah-Mensah, the Managing Director of Citi TV and Citi FM Samuel Attah-Mensah explained.

The Heritage Caravan is a week-long road trip that takes participants through various regions of Ghana in order to experience the rich culture, dynamic traditions, and historical snippets of Ghanaian heritage.

This year, guests are visiting the Volta Region, Eastern Region, Ashanti Region, Upper East Region, Savannah Region, Northern Region, Bono Region, Ahafo Region, Bono East Region, Western North, Western Region, and the Central Region of Ghana.

“With our theme this year ‘Make it Ghana’, we are looking at three main areas – tourism, investment and film. So the trip and the hotels we are using come in handy with our goal of domestic tourism and investment. The theme really is very present in the Heritage Caravan”, Frema Adunyame added.

She also assured patrons of their safety and comfort, citing the fleet of vehicles, security services to be deployed, and lodging facilities to be provided.

“Our patrons come first, so we consider what is relevant to them first.  So their safety is assured. We are moving with police and the military escort. We are moving with a medical team in case of an emergency. All these have been catered for so patrons can have a good time. ”


What are sponsors promising 

Some sponsors say they are excited to have come on board the Caravan. For instance, Malta Guinness believes Heritage Caravan is an ideal platform to showcase made-in-Ghana products.

“The Heritage Caravan gives us a platform that fits into our brand purpose. What’s more, people get exposed to very interesting parts of the country that they would never have been,” Marketing Manager of Malta Guinness, Dinah Adu Asare stressed.

The Public Relations Manager of Goil, Robert Kyere, said Heritage Caravan spearheaded by Citi TV andCiti FM is the right medium for them to showcase their numerous outlets across the country to Ghanaians.

“Goil over the years has touted itself as the rich unique identity, and our heritage a very rich one. And as such if we want to associate ourselves with Heritage Caravan, it is the right path to choose because we want people to see not only the fact that Goil is for all of us, but we also have a lot of national assets across the length and breadth of this country”.

He remarked that Heritage Caravan is the right means for them to also showcase the quality products they have.

“We want to say a big thank you to our sponsors.  Some of them have been on for a couple of years, and we appreciate them. They have really done well by supporting the Caravan” said Citi TV/Citi FM‘s Head of Events and Partnership.

The Heritage Caravan 2023 is powered by Citi TV in partnership with the Ghana Tourism Authority with support from Citi FM.

It is also proudly sponsored by Hollard Ghana, the European Union, Ebony Condoms, GOIL Company Ltd., National Lotteries Authority, Voltic Mineral Water, and Colgate Natural Extracts Toothpaste.


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