I wasn’t discovered by Samini but he has played an important role in my career – Kofi Kinata eulogizes former boss


Martin King Arthur popularly known as Kofi Kinaata has applauded his former boss, Samini for the role he played in his music career while disclosing that he wasn’t discovered as a music talent by the award-winning MOBO Artiste.

In a recent interview on #UrbanBlend with Blakk Rasta on 3FM, Kofi Kinaata once again expressed his deep appreciation for the immense impact Samini had on his journey to stardom.

Reflecting on his early days in the industry, Kofi Kinaata who hails from Takoradi in the Western Region highlighted the pivotal moment when he was signed onto the High-Grade Family, an influential music group, at a time when he was relatively unknown.

It was during this period that Kinaata had the privilege of tagging along with Samini, an established figure in the Ghanaian music scene.

“The discovery term, I don’t get it, but Samini has been really helpful to my career,” Kinaata shared.

With Samini’s existing fanbase, the association allowed Kinaata to swiftly gain recognition and support. As Samini’s fans embraced him, Kinaata’s own fanbase began to grow exponentially.

“I got signed unto the High-grade family when no one knew me. It was Samini that they knew so me tagging along with Samini, his fans became automatically my fans,” he explained

Moreover, Samini played a crucial role in introducing Kofi Kinaata to larger platforms and audiences.

The ‘EffiaKuma love’ cronner recounted a memorable instance when he had the opportunity to perform on stage for a notable event featuring international artist Chris Brown. Thanks to Samini’s endorsement, Kinaata’s talent was showcased to a broader audience, further propelling his career forward.

“What Samini did for me was give me a lot of exposure,” Kinaata explained. The acclaimed artist went above and beyond to secure performance slots for Kinaata, even for shows where he wasn’t originally scheduled to perform.

Samini’s generosity and support opened doors for Kinaata, enabling him to reach new heights in the music industry.

“When Chris Brown came to Ghana, I was now in Accra, Samini brought me to the stage to perform 4 or 5 minutes. Shows I wasn’t billed to perform even though he got me to perform. Samini gave me a lot of exposure,” he disclosed

While acknowledging the pivotal role Samini played in his journey, Kofi Kinaata made it clear that he had been actively involved in rap and music since 2008.

“But he didn’t really discover me. I was doing rap and music way back in 2008 but he pushed me from one stage to the other,” he concluded.

However, Samini’s unwavering support and guidance propelled him from one stage to another, amplifying his presence and setting the stage for his subsequent success.


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