INEC Must Not Allow This Election To Be Rigged – ADC National Chairman


Independent Electoral Commission
Independent Electoral Commission

The National Chairman of the African Democratic Congress [ADC], Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu has called on the management of the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] to follow the path of honour by maintaining their policy of continuous improvement of the nation’s electoral systems and process which they have done so well and committed so much resources build.

“They must not at this time collude with unpatriotic elements and self-serving politicians to compromise the integrity of the commission and our democracy. The scandalous flirtation between some of its ad-hoc staff and principal officers is capable of discrediting the effort the commission, the political parties and Nigeria citizen especially the youths to ensure that our nation takes its rightful position in the comity of nations. He calls INEC to ensure that the right thing is done in light of the unfolding events surrounding the ongoing presidential election of 2023. It smacks of gross irresponsibility for the commission and its staff to attempt to mess with the much prized BVARS and servers in spite of the commitment and understanding of all stakeholders and our international friends”.

The National Chairman made the call in a Press Statement made available to pressmen in Abuja where he cited the serious works and efforts put in by the electoral umpire and commended them for conducting the 2023 general elections under very difficult circumstances but urged them to endeavour to finish well to help our nation heal and democracy to continue to advance.

While commending the INEC, Chief Okey Nwosu urged the INEC to remain neutral and unbiased in its execution of this critical election. “The voices that spoke so loudly and clearly cannot be allowed to be drowned by the evil machination of a few, that had put Nigeria in darkness since independence. The unfolding incidents around the many regions are simply unfortunate and near despicable.”

Chief Okey Nwosu said the liaison between INEC and Governor Wike and some other influential persons in Imo, Edo, Delta and Lagos, almost marred the great preparation and readiness of the commission to give Nigerians a quality election that is adjudged as free, fair and credible. The noticeable and embarrassing irregularities appear suspicious to the citizens of Nigeria and to the many international observers who came from as far as the United States of American, EU, South Africa and other countries.

“The political shenanigans include the stampede, hijack and destruction of electoral materials in Imo state, and crude fifth columnists’ antics of Governors of Imo, Rivers, Kaduna and the managers of His Excellency, Bola Ahmed Tinubu campaign organization”.

“The youths and majority of our citizens have made so much sacrifice for this day. It behoves INEC and President Buhari to take whatever steps necessary to correct the abnormalities of today in all carry over elections and uphold the integrity of the nation’s electoral process. After 24years, our democracy should be making steady progress.”

He continued that “residents in Rumuonhwa polling unit in Rivers state, have cried out over claims made by the INEC adhoc staff that they forgot the Presidential ballot papers and so they would only proceed with the National Assembly elections. A woman who was at the polling unit and recorded a video demanded for INEC to do the right thing and not prevent them from casting their votes for their preferred candidates”. Nwosu questioned, How can INEC say they forgot the ballot papers when they went to the polling station to conduct the Presidential election.

“All SPOs in Obio Akpor LGA disappeared with BVAS password for uploading results, only for the CSO to Governor Wike to appear with armed policemen, shot sporadically in the air and then took away all the BVAS machines to Obio Akpor LGA Headquarters. It seemed planned in connivance with the INEC officers and Adhoc team”.

Concerning the upload of results and the faults that suddenly developed by the BVAS, Chief Nwosu frowned at the electoral umpire. He indicated that information from our party’s agents in the field has it that in places like Agege, Kosofe, Oshodi-Isolo, Surulere, and Ibeju Lekki in Lagos State amongst others where results shows that the Labour Party won convincingly, the INEC officials claim that the BVAS suddenly developed fault. “The developing third force is a collective effort and sacrices of Nigeria youths following the tragedies of the end SARS and cluelessness of the political elites, executive branch and legislators. The Nigeria youths and citizens deserve their victory and no wedge must be placed on their way”.

“It is beyond reason that in Lagos, many of the INEC staff refused to upload the results for the presidential election. This is as they uploaded the results of Senate and House of Representatives.” According to eyewitnesses, the INEC and their collaborators were using the police to drive agents of the Labor party, the ADC Star Alliance and their supporters out of the voting places. The INEC staff claim they have concrete instructions from the INEC headquarters not to upload. “Why must this be, especially after the promises and Peace Accord”

Chief Nwosu continued to add that “INEC must provide a clear and immediate explanation why the results were stopped from being uploaded. It was done in Osun and in Ekiti, and we set the protocol for this election before all stakeholder. Who is subverting the process?”

“Nigeria cannot be allowed to descend to anarchy. We have come along way. INEC and the federal government should ensure the anomalies of the elections are rectified. The people of Nigeria have spoken and they spoke loudly and clearly. INEC must not allow this election to be rigged.”


Chief Ralph Okey Nwosu

National Chairman

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