Journalists equipped to counter mis/disinformation in Ghana


The Media Foundation for West Africa in partnership with Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office  has organized a workshop to equip journalists to counter mis/disinformation.

The two-day workshop was a nationwide training which saw about 125 journalists being selected from various media houses from across the 16 regions of Ghana.

The workshop was basically centered on fact-checking, countering misinformation and disinformation where participants reflected on the phenomenon of mis-disinformation and its impact on peace, stability and democratic consolidation in Ghana.

Participants were taken through concepts such as information disorder, fake news, misinformation, disinformation,their manifestations, and how they impact peace and democratic governance. Also they were taught on how to use verification tools to identify, analyze content and fact-check reports that counter mis-disinformation.

With the influx of social media, there’s been an increasing rate of people easily resorting to mis-disinformation for various reasons which tends to pose a threat to the governance system, elections as well stability of the country.

Participants were urged not to be quick to break or publish articles without proper verification from accurate sources to authenticate before publication.


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