Joy Prime premieres new series ‘Article 247’


Dealing with cheating partners is one major issue that spouses face in relationships and marriages.

As a result, some end up killing their partners, the person they are in the act with, or both due to emotional trauma.

But how do you defend yourself legally after committing such a crime, which you consider a passion crime?

It is for this reason that your ultimate experience television and hub of telenovela, Joy Prime, is yet again bringing up an insightful, informative, and educational series on how to legally handle such circumstances.

Joy Prime premieres new series ‘Article 247’

This new series tells the story of a lady who tries to comfort her male friend after she uncovered that his wife has been cheating on him.

In the process, the two become intimate and are caught by the cheating wife.

What happens after they have been caught?

Below is just a tip of the iceberg:

Jane discovers that Alfred’s psychopathic wife, Klaire, is cheating on him.

Jane comforts Alfred, and in the process, they become intimate. Klaire catches them in the act and stabs them immediately. Jane survives, but Alfred dies. Klaire is tried for Alfred’s death, but her defence is that her crime was a crime of passion. She is found guilty and is sentenced to banishment, and disappears.

Joy Prime premieres new series ‘Article 247’

In the meantime, Jane relocates to the province, where she falls in love with Noah. However, her dramatic past comes back to hunt her when she meets Carmen, Noah’s sister-in-law, who looks exactly like Klaire.

Although Carmen denies that she is in fact Klaire, Jane is determined to uncover the truth as she investigates, Jane stumbles upon shocking discoveries about Carmen and what really happened on the night Alfred was murdered.

This is a 45-minute television series rated 18 and above for both male and female.

Watch as the drama, romance, and revenge unfold every weekday from Monday to Friday at 8:00 p.m., and a repeat at 2:00 p.m. on the Joy Prime channel.

In case one misses the weekday view, the omnibus will air on Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.

Also, get interactive on the Joy Prime telenovela, as all the actions and suspense will be replicated on all our social media platforms @Joy Prime TV.

Joy Prime is on DSTV281, GoTV180, and HD+102. Joy Prime: Your Ultimate Experience

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