Keche Andrew congratulates wife on winning Amenfi Central NDC parliamentary primaries


Hiplife musician, Keche Andrew, has congratulated his wife Joana Gyan Cudjoe for emerging victorious in the just concluded Amenfi Central NDC parliamentary primaries.

Joana Gyan Cudjoe, who also doubles as Keche’s manager, achieved a resounding triumph for democracy and women’s political aspirations by garnering an impressive 756 votes out of the total votes cast in today’s primaries.

As the news broke online, Keche Andrew, took to verified social media channels to express his immense pride and support for his wife’s achievement.

In a heartwarming post on Instagram, he wrote, “Congratulations to my beautiful wife ObaaNaa on winning the Amenfi Central NDC parliamentary primaries. Your hard work and passion for service have paid off. I am proud to stand by your side as you continue to make a difference in our community. Love you forever! ❤️🙏🏾 #ObaaNaa #AmenfiCentral”

Mrs Gyan Cudjoe beat stiff competition from the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area, Peter Yaw Kwakye-Ackah who polled 575 votes out of the total votes cast.

Other aspirants include Daniel Appiah, Dr Karl Mark Arhina and Elijah Jones Appiah.

Joana is the CEO of Golden Empire Legacy Limited and the founder of Empire Legacy Limited which manages the Keche music group consisting of her husband, Andrew and colleague, Joshua.

She also revealed in an exclusive interview with Delay that she was worth over 700 million dollars, making her one of the richest women in Ghana.

Keche Andrew in the build-up to the National Democratic Primaries promised to support his wife publicly and use his influence as a well-known figure in the music industry to campaign for her.

However, he was quick to assert that his wife would have to pay for the use of his music before she will be allowed to use it as a campaign song.






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