KKD’s claim that government had a hand in his ban on GTV is a product of his imagination-GBC


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Kwesi Kyei Darkwa

Management of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation who are the operators of GTV have released a statement to debunk allegations by Ace Broadcaster, KKD that the government had a hand in his ban on their network.

On Thursday, KKD revealed in an interview on Onua Maakye with Captain Smart that the Government had manipulated the management of GBC to prevent him from appearing on their shows.

But in a sharp rebuttal, management of the state broadcaster called the statement “unfortunate”. Adding that the “claim is not true and can only be a product of his imagination”.

According to the Corporation, it was an independent body that did not take instructions from the Executive hence it would be illegal to allow the Government to determine who was a guest on their network

“Management of GBC wishes to put it on record that the Corporation does not take instructions from the Government when it comes to content production. Management is fully aware that it will be unlawful for the Government to determine who comes on our platforms,” a portion of the statement said.

The statement also defended the rationale behind the ban of KKD on the platfom. Stating categorically that the: “GBC is guided by the ethics of public service broadcasting journalism. We do not allow our guests to make allegations against other persons who are not present, or do not have the immediate opportunity to respond“.

We are also not into adversarial journalism, and panelists who adopt a combative style of discourse are not accommodated on GBC’s network. GBC provides opportunities to panelists of all political persuasions to speak on our platforms and may retire them when there is a change in our content plan.

Read the full statement below 

GBC says KKDs claim is unfortunate
The Press Statement by GBC

KKD started his career as a radio presenter on GBC in the 1990s and became known for his popular radio show, “The KKD Show”.

He left to pursue other interests in marketing and business but had become a regular guest on several programs at the State Broadcaster until his unfortunate ban.


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