Let’s unite and eschew acts that divide us


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has asked the citizenry to live in harmony and eschew acts that have the propensity of dividing them.

Speaking at the 66th Independence anniversary celebration held at Adaklu in the Volta region, the President underscored the need for unity in the face of global threats of terrorism.

“We should continue to guard and protect jealously the security and integrity of our nation against dangers from outside and within our borders. We cannot allow those who seek to divide us along the line of ethnicity or religion to succeed. That we deepen the cohesion that exists among us and let us wear with pride the badge of being called Ghanaian.”

The President said despite the nation’s current economic quagmire, Ghanaians should be thankful because the government has ensured the supply of essential goods during the hard times.

Nana Akufo-Addo claims Ghana has experienced a steady flow of fuel for both commercial and industrial use as compared to other countries in the sub-region.

He pledged that the government would do everything within its power to alleviate the suffering of the populace.

“We should be united with God protecting us. For it is only in a free democratic form of governance and intelligent management of the economy that will bring the upliftment that Ghanaians what and deserve. We should continue to strive to ensure that no Ghanaian child is denied access to quality education and the groundbreaking and transformative free SHS policy.

“We should continue to guarantee access to affordable healthcare for all in every part of the country by continuing the National Health Insurance Scheme, expanding healthcare infrastructure and enhancing general health delivery”.

“It is these that have brought hardships on our people. The government has deployed a number of fiscal measures to help bring relief to Ghanaians and I’m confident that sooner rather than later we’ll see significant relief and recovery,” Mr Akufo-Addo further added.


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