Lowest paid teacher takes home GH¢434 every month


Teachers and staff at the Ghana Education Service have witnessed an increment in their basic pay, after the 30 percent increase in the Single Spine Salary Structure for public sector workers.

This increment took effect from January 1, 2023, and also includes a 15 percent market premium which the government has also agreed to for all teachers and other public sector workers.

The 30 percent is the biggest increment organised labour has secured out of negotiations with the government since 2010 when the government increased the base pay by 20 percent and again by the same margin in 2011.

Since the current administration came to power in 2017, the highest increment has been 12 percent, which was secured in 2017.

The latest increment means the lowest-paid teacher takes home a net salary of GH¢434.01 while the highest-paid teacher takes home a net salary of GH¢8,271.95

Click here to read the full salary structure of all teachers based on levels and ranks


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