Macron vows visible reduction of French troops in Africa


Paris, Feb 28, (dpa/GNA) – French President, Emmanuel Macron, said on Monday evening he wants to withdraw more soldiers from Africa.

“The transformation will begin in the coming months, with a visible reduction of our troop strength and an increasing importance of our African partners in these bases,” Macron said in Paris. He did not provide figures or a timetable.

For many years, France’s deployed troops have been a major force in the fight against Islamist terrorist groups in the Sahel region, which have particularly troubled Mali and Burkina Faso.

Less than a month ago, however, Burkina Faso called on the former colonial power to withdraw.

Last year, France ended its military mission in Mali because the junta there, maintains close contacts with Russia and is said to have hired fighters from the Russian mercenary group Wagner.

Macron also announced a law for the return of looted art before a planned trip to Africa.



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