Man catches his wife cheating with her golf partner so films himself taking all of her things from their safety deposit box


The devastation of finding out that your spouse is stepping outside of your marriage — and stepping on it by doing so — brings up a range of emotions, ranging from disbelief to anger to extreme sadness.

One man, however, was thinking strategically when he found out that his wife of 24 years, Brooke, had cheated on him with her golf partner. In a video shared on a TikTok account called “@mulaaspam,” the man detailed his immediate actions in the aftermath of learning about his wife’s affair.

The husband decided to clean everything out of their safety deposit box after catching his wife cheating.

The video started with the unnamed man talking into the camera while standing in front of a Wells Fargo Bank. He tells people watching, “If you have a husband, or you have a wife that you’ve been married to for 24 years, and you come home and you find them f–king their golf partner in the living room, one thing you might want to do… go to the savings deposit box. That’s right, Brooke, I’m at Wells Fargo.”

In the next scene, he had returned to his car and was going through the contents of the safety deposit box. He first showed viewers a fistful of cash he had pulled out of an envelope that was intended to be an “emergency fund” — according to him, Brooke’s infidelity counted as one.

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He had also retrieved the title to his wife’s car but clarified that the vehicle was in his name, insinuating that he planned on repossessing it from her. The distraught husband also said that all of her jewelry, including diamond rings, earrings, and bracelets, was there and he planned on selling all of it to the pawn shop.

People in the comments were fully supportive of his petty revenge.

They said things like, “good man” and “this is the smartest dude ever.” Many even said they thought he had seen this coming for some time and was ready to pounce as soon as his suspicions about his wife were confirmed. They suspected he was happy because he could finally rid himself of her and still keep the valuables he had purchased for the woman.

As devastating as being cheated on is and as tempted as the victim is to strike back as soon as possible, the angry husband did several things that you definitely should not do when you find out your partner has been unfaithful. Those include reacting immediately, posting about the affair on social media, trying to get even, emptying the bank account, or in this case, the safe deposit box.

Though it probably felt exhilarating in the moment, tampering with marital assets in advance of divorce will have to be reckoned with in court and you’ll likely end up paying back what you took. Once the cheating is shared on social media, it opens the doors to the opinions of others clouding you and your estranged spouse’s decision-making process.

If you have the misfortune of finding yourself in this man’s shoes, stay calm, be direct and honest with yourself and your spouse about the future of the relationship, don’t blame yourself, but do make sure that you are dealing with the resulting emotions in a healthy way. Most importantly, decide what you need to do to move forward and have a peaceful, loving life, with or without your philandering mate.

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