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The Ghanaian musician Black Sherif reportedly left his manager in February 2022 to ink what some dubbed the “worst contract ever” with Empire Distribution.

The Headlines went on painting the young artist as an ingrate, a sell-out, and in other derogatory terms. Some believed that young Sherif has ‘signed his life away’ and that was an unthinkable contract any artiste would sign.

Young Blacko’s choice sparked unexpected media discussions in which entertainment pundits and industry leaders expressed their thoughts on the deal and its ramifications. One that caught my attention during my research is the one from our own grandpapa;

“Black Sherif’s deal with Empire is the worst deal ever” – Reggie Rockstone on Hitz FM

In the article, Reggie made it clear that those were the words of his late good friend DJ Rab before his demise.

Controversial entertainment pundit, Arnold AsamoahBaidooalso described Blacko’s action as “frowned upon” in the music industry. He asserts that it was unfair for Blacko to double-cross his local manager.

The discussion continued, various viewpoints were expressed, and numerous tales were shared on social media. Twitter ‘bud dozers’ resumed their usual roasting, and some of the tweets, clearly confirmed the name tag of Twitter being a ‘no mercy zone’. It was rather unfortunate that the majority were influencers and industry players.

“Somebody from Konongo ghetto how he go fii read contract! Ah Black Sherif paa.. 15k for 15 years?? Kwasia line sei@Archipalago on Twitter.

“Black Sherif has been making bad decisions since his rise to fame.

First, it was a bad deal with Empire, now it’s an investor suing him for breaking a contract.

Now, I understand why he said:  “Of course, I f**ked up, who never f**ked up hands in the air”

Career in the mud!” – @BongoIdeas

The above are just a few tweets I picked from the troll.

I felt that this ordeal was too harsh for the young blood who was just trying to survive in a reneging industry. This would be hard for a young talent who has no strong backbone to persist.

I suppose I’m correct when I say that this is not the first instance of a rising star experiencing a test of fate in the game, particularly in Ghana. We all remember the time when KuamiEugene and Kidi were labelled as fledgling writers. We saw entertainment writers such as Ameyaw Debrah tweeting indirectly at Richie Mensah to find new song-writer for both artists. Not forgetting the countless criticism of Kuami Eugene’s dressing and even how he talks.

I assume you remember Young Bull, Yaw Tog, the 2021 ‘Sorihitmaker and high school sensation. In his prime, Young Bull also experienced this incident. Others include Wendy Shay, the late Ebony, and many others.

These assaults have the potential of influencing the growth and progress of these talents. It only takes talent with a strong backbone like Richie and Lynx entertainment did for Kidi and Kuami Eugene or just as Empire was for Black Sherif to survive and be very successful in this game.

A year has passed since Blacko signed the distribution deal with the US-based Empire Distribution. Since then, the superstar has jumped from one major stage to another, dominating international charts, racking up massive streaming figures, knocking significant international collaborations, and most recently, making an appearance on American rapper J. Cole’s Dreamville soundtrack for the Creed 3 film. Since Blacko signed this, a very great milestone has been reached. In addition to introducing Young Blacko to the globe, this deal has greatly increased the visibility of Ghana and African music in general.

“Of course, I f**k up, who never f**k up hands in the air” – Blacko said this in the intensity of the hullabaloo. Today, are we still asserting that Blacko’s decision was a mistake?


The writer, Maxzy, known officially as Maxwell Bonnah is a columnist, artist, songwriter, cinematographer, entertainment enthusiast, and a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ).


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