More young people abandoning Ghana for Europe


The 2021 Ghana Population and Housing Census has revealed that the number of Ghanaians leaving the country for other parts of the world for employment, is on the rise, with the youth being the dominant group abandoning the country.

Statistics from the Thematic Report on Migration 2021 revealed that more than 77% of those leaving the country to seek greener pastures elsewhere fall between the ages of 20-49.

The report further revealed that over 37% of Ghanaian immigrants went to Europe with 23.7% relocating to the Americas.

Presenting the report, Prof. John K Anarfi said more than a third (35.9%) of the migrants moved to settle permanently while 24.9 percent also moved due to marriage/family reunification.

The report also indicated that while the majority of males travel for employment their female counterparts migrate due to reasons related to marriage/family reunification.

The two major reasons for Ghanaians travelling outside the country are to seek for employment and to pursue education/training.


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