Mount Zion Ministry celebrates mothers with thanksgiving service  


By Patrick Obeng 

Accra, May 15, GNA-Pastor David Aidoo, Resident Pastor of the Mount Zion Evangelistic Ministry has commended Ghanaian mothers for being resilient and serving strong as pillars for the survival of their families. 

He said mothers continued to play their traditional backbone role and in the modern world, have also assumed frontline duties to support the family, and their labour of love would certainly not be in vain. 

Pastor Aidoo made the commendation at a special thanksgiving service to celebrate Mothers’ Day at Achimota in Accra on Sunday. 

Mothers’ Day is celebrated honouring the mother of the family as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. 

Pastor Aidoo said, ‘The world will continue to celebrate your special love strength, patience, care, and tenderness as mothers, sisters, aunties, guardians, and friends and make bold sacrifices for your children and other relatives.’  

The Resident Pastor commended the unique strength of women which enabled them to carry children in their wombs for nine months with their patience, special heart and tenderness enabled them to go through the daily struggles.  

‘Gallant mothers are indeed gifts which are not replaceable, as they play the role of teachers, psychologists, servants and go every length to solve the problems of their children,’ Pastor Aidoo said.  

He said unconditional love and special hearts lead to inspire, encourage and give confidence to their children when all seemed to have ended. 

‘As the world celebrates the heroic and courageous mothers the world has every reason to be excited while they watch their day-old babies grow to boys, girls, men and women, Pastor Aidoo said.  

‘I see this day as a special day to give a standing ovation to all Ghanaian women across the country, Pastor Aidoo added.  



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