My father influenced my comic side


Ghanaian singer-songwriter Naana Blu is known for her unique blend of music and comedy, which has won her a large following across the globe.

As Naana’s love for music also grew, she began to incorporate her comedic talent into her performances.

Her unique blend of music and comedy quickly became a hit and Naana’s popularity skyrocketed.

In an interview with, Naana revealed that her father was the biggest influence in shaping her comedic talent.

She affirmed that growing up, her father was an avid fan of comedy shows, and he would often watch them with her.

He would also crack jokes and make her laugh, sparking her interest in comedy from a young age. Naana soon found herself mimicking her father’s humour and wit, and her talent for comedy began to shine through.

With a smile, the ‘Kwame Ato‘ songstress told, “Although my mother, being a Fante mother, certainly played a part, it was my daddy who always made me laugh uncontrollably.”

“When I was at the University of Education, Winneba, many of my peers told me that I always made them laugh when I spoke,” Naana Blu told

Naana’s talent has won her many fans across the globe, and her music continues to resonate with audiences.

As she continues to make waves in the music industry, Naana remains grateful for the influence of her father in shaping her comedic talent.

She credits him with instilling in her a love for comedy and encouraging her to pursue her passions, which led to her success today.

Her songs like “You Go Miss Me,” “Kwame Ato” “No Pressure,” “Odo Asem”, “This Is Highlife”, and “Dream Boy” have become household favourites.


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