Myles Leadership University Confers  Honorary Doctorate Degrees on Distinguished Personalities


Myles Leadership University

The Myles Leadership University has held its maiden edition of the International Conference (   (1-ILC) and Honorary Doctorate Conferment Ceremony in Accra under the theme “Leadership: The Paradigm Shift.”

The Ceremony which was held in a grand style over the weekend, was aimed at celebrating the achievements of their honorees and also to confer honorary doctorates upon some of the most accomplished individuals in their respective fields.

The honorees are carefully selected from the United States of America, Liberia, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and Ghana.

In all, Dr. Damilola Olanrewaju, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, Dr. Vincent Iweanoge, Dr. Anurag Saxena, Dr. Harris Fomba Tarnue, Dr. Chinenye Ebele Onuaorah, and Dr. Jude Chinedu Iweanoge are among the seven individuals who have received Honorary Doctorates from Myles Leadership University.

Director Of Programmes At Myles Leadership University Dr Matthew Mario
Director Of Programmes At Myles Leadership University Dr Matthew Mario

True Leadership

The Director of Programmes at Myles Leadership University, Dr. Matthew Mario, Speaking at the event, stated that at Myles Leadership University, they believe that true leadership is about more than just achieving success; it’s about using that success to create positive change and make a lasting impact on the world.

“Today’s recipients come from diverse backgrounds and have pursued a range of academic disciplines, and are all united by their commitment to this vision of leadership.

They have worked relentlessly to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to lead in their chosen fields, and we are confident that they will go on to make significant contributions to their communities and to the world at large.

We are also honored to recognize the contributions of our distinguished honorees, who have made significant contributions to their respective fields and who embody the values of leadership and service that we hold dear at Myles Leadership University,” he highlighted.

Dr. Matthew Mario urged the honorees to continue to work together to develop the next generation of leaders who will help to shape a brighter future for all and sundry.

Governing Council Member Of The Africa Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Rev Dr Edward Agyekum Kuffour
Governing Council Member Of The Africa Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Rev Dr. Edward Agyekum Kuffour

Private Partnership

The Governing Council Member of the Africa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rev. Dr. Edward Agyekum Kuffour, delivering a presentation on the topic: “The Role of the Private Partnership in Education Development in Africa “hinted that the private sector has played a vital role in helping governments to meet the needs of their education sectors.

Underscoring the essence of Private Partnership, he said private partnership can help facilitate research collaborations between educational institutions and private organizations. This he said, would lead to the development of innovative solutions to education challenges.

More specifically, the private sector has contributed significantly to the primary means through which education is delivered in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Private partnerships can also help to address the shortage of qualified teachers in many African countries. By partnering with organizations that specialize in teacher training, African countries can improve the quality of education by providing qualified teachers to underserved communities.

For instance, “Teach for Nigeria “- partners with schools to provide schools with qualified teachers for underserved communities.  He said, a private partnership can provide additional funding for education, which often lacking in many African countries.

More so, a private partnership can also help to improve the infrastructure of schools in Africa by partnering with private organizations that specialize in infrastructure development.

“Private Partnership can play a crucial role in supporting education development in Africa. I believe that by leveraging the strengths of private partnerships, we can address the challenges facing education development in Africa,” he emphasized.

President Of Ghana Regional Chapter –asian African Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Accra Ghana Dr Mark Darko
President Of Ghana Regional Chapter –Asian African Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Accra Ghana Dr. Mark Darko

Diversity and Inclusion

The President of Ghana Regional Chapter –Asian African Chamber of Commerce and Industry /Accra-Ghana Dr. Mark Darko touching on the topic “Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: The Key to Effective Leadership In the 21st Century” said by embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace culture, leaders can achieve even greater success and make a positive impact on society.

According to him, diversity and inclusion are two concepts that are intertwined and have become increasingly important in modern-day leadership.

“Diversity refers to the presence of differences among individuals in a group or organization. These differences can be related to race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, religion, socioeconomic background, and more.

By embracing diversity and creating an inclusive workplace culture, you can foster an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to bring their authentic selves to work.

This not only leads to increased innovation, better problem-solving, and improved financial performance but also creates a more socially responsible and equitable world.

So, let’s commit to being leaders who prioritize diversity and inclusion and make a positive impact on our organizations, communities, and the world,” he urged.

Dr Anurag Saxena Global Banker And Fintech Professional United Kingdom
Dr Anurag Saxena Global Banker And Fintech Professional United Kingdom

Dr. Anurag Saxena, Global Banker and Fintech Professional,United Kingdom who delivered a presentation on “The Role of Leaders in Creating Sustainable Future: Strategies for Addressing Environmental and Social Challenges “said the fight against climate must be a shared –responsibility since government alone cannot that cause.

Myles Leadership University has campuses in India and the Benin Republic as well as champions its leadership education through distance learning and robust e-learning platforms. In its quest of championing leadership education across Africa, Myles Leadership University is set to launch its campus in Accra, Ghana very soon.

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