Nana Ama McBrown says she will not be responding to critics but will leave them to God.


Nana Ama Mcbrown will not allow her detractors to distract her from achieving big things in life as she moves on to her next chapter with Media General as a presenter.

She made this known when she made an exclusive appearance on 3Fm’s Sunrise with Johnny Hughes and the crew.

“I have worked, I have paid my dues. I will not let anybody say otherwise  The reason you see me doing all this is because it started years ago. I am not impressing anyone. I am doing my job,” she said

Reacting to the question on how she responds to critics and trolls who have condemned her move to Ghana’s leading media network, Media General as a presenter of Onua TV, she revealed that she was not bothered and will leave them to God.

“It’s part of the Job, how about my blessings.When they’re coming with the ambassadorial deals, that is the same way I feel good,” she explained   

“Whoever is saying what about me, I leave that person to God because I know myself and I know I have worked my way through here. I didn’t come here just for the sake of my beauty or maybe my smile. I have worked to make my smile impactful. I am here because I worked. Oh Johnnie I have worked. I’ll not let anyone’s opinion about every decision I make condemn my movement. I promise you I am not worried one bit”

Nana McBrown after her rubble rousing welcome yesterday at the Media General premises has been at the end of verbal attacks from various media personalities including Ola Micheal, Kwame Nkrumah Tikese and Afia Schwarzenegger.

But the celebrated actress who managed to put the question and drama behind her remains unfazed as she is poised to make an impact in her new role as a presenter with Onua TV under the 3 Group.  Adding that she was very “happy for moving on.”

“To be honest something must happen for you to move forward. So as i am here. i have no regrets and i have not hurt anybody and I am continuing building who I am,” she said




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