Nobody recognized that it was me when I was a delivery guy in the US – E.L.


Ghanaian hip-hop musician and sound engineer, E.L  has recently shared his experience of delivering food in the United States, revealing that no one was hardly recognised despite his A-list status in Ghana

In a candid interview with Sika Osei, E.L who won the 2016 VGMA Artiste of the Year title opened up about his life outside of music and how he took up a job delivering food in the US.

Despite his fame and success in the Ghanaian music industry, E.L admitted that he went completely unnoticed while on the job.

“I wasn’t recognised, not even once and that’s what I loved about it. You had real and genuine human interactions with the people you met daily and I missed that, especially as a celebrity,” he revealed

The rapper further explained that he chose to take on the delivery job to gain a different perspective and connect with people from diverse backgrounds.

“I loved it,” E.L said. “It’s a different world out there, and perception is everything, people perceive ‘You are delivering food today’ as some yawa thing but when you are actually out there and you do it, it’s a hustle and the secret to wealth creation is to have as many hustles as you can”

Despite his fame and accomplishments, the ‘Koko’ singer said he willingly embraced a different role and used it as an opportunity for personal growth.

“For example when you work for Grubhub, you make 100 dollars a day and it’s more than what people are making in a month so why will I let that go because I want to flex cos I’m a celebrity,” he disclosed

According to the rapper, his time as a delivery person allowed him to reflect on his own journey and appreciate the support he has received from fans and the Ghanaian music community while debunking rumours that he did it because he was facing financial difficulties.

“I have no insufficient account problems, I have no need for money. My problem is keeping my brain occupied,” he said

He also indicated that it served as a reminder that success should not define one’s character or how one interacts with others.



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