Nuahlenya Chief Confirms Boundary Lines With Hwakpo Chief


Nene Apkoto-Narh II pointing to a direction
Nene Apkoto-Narh II pointing to a direction

Following the installation of a substantive chief in Hwakpo in the person of Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III, the chiefs and elders of Nuahlenya, sharing boundaries with Hwakpo and the Buerteyes family from Luhuor being tenants on Hwakpo land have affirmed the land boundaries of Hwakpo by walking together with the chief and people of Hwakpo to confirm the existence of the over 891 acres of lands.

The Korleteys sharing boundary to the East and the Dorkpe to the West of the Hwakpo lands have equally expressed same faith.

For many decades, the Buerteyes from Luhuor, Hwakpo’s neighbouring community, have been cultivating tracts of the land and so to enable the custodians to know their boundary to avert any future litigations, Mr Kwesi Batser Buertey and Mr. Adi, elders from the Buerteyes, who have been ploughing the land for ages, led Nene Teye Akpoto-Narh II, Chief of Nuahlenya, on behalf of his subjects and Divisional Chief of the Adibiawe clan, to show the land boundary.

The tour began after Mr Kwesi Batser Buerteye had explained the true owners of the land to Nene Verya II, Chief of Detsekope, Nene Teye Akpoto-Narh II, Chief of Nuahlenya, Nene Titrim Buertey III, Divisional Chief of Adibiawe clan and Nomo Tetteh Yaya, the Stool father of Adebiawe clan in an open gathering at Nuahlenya and attended by the natives of Hwakpo.

Mr Buerteye was emphatic that the Buerteyes did not own the tracts of land they had been cultivating for ages “and I would like to set this record straight today (Thursday).

He said: “I have already informed some people to whom I leased part of the land for only farming to meet me to introduce them to Nene Ackwerh III for proper documentation on the lease.”

He expressed his immense gratitude to Nene Ackwerh III for the cordial relationship that has existed between the two communities.

Nene Teye Akpoto-Narh II, Chief of Nuahlenya, and his colleague chiefs and elders also expressed their immense gratitude to Mr Buerteye for his cooperation to assist Hwakpo to know its land boundary.

On behalf of Nene Agbasi Dzikunu Ackwerh III, Chairman of Hwakpo Lands Committee and spokesperson, Reverend Nathan Nomotey Ackwerh, who led the Hwakpo team with some elders also reciprocated appreciation to Kwesi Buerteye and the chief and people of Nuahlenya for bearing witness to the exercise.

He called on the Luhuor people to come and see the Ackwerhs if they want to continue to cultivate the land
He promised to get a qualified land surveyor to properly document the land with remarkable landmarks.

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