Oseikrom Sikanii’s Range Rover is broken beyond repair, it’s like a statue – Ypee Baakop3 responds to rapper’s claim that his car can buy two of his


In a recent appearance on The Delay Show, Kumasi-based Ghanaian musician Ypee Baakop3 has made startling claims about Oseikrom Sikanii‘s Range Rover, alleging that the vehicle is irreparably broken.

The ‘Kumerica’ rapper was responding to claims by his former friend and colleague, Oseikrom Sikaani that his 3-million-cedis Range Rover could purchase his multiple times,

According to Ypee, Oseikrom’s Range Rover has essentially transformed into a stationary object resembling a statue.

During the interview on TV3, Ypee Baakop3 not only highlighted the immobility of the Range Rover but also revealed that Oseikrom Sikanii is currently without a functional vehicle.

“Where is his own?? At the moment he doesn’t have a Range Rover,” he disclosed

Further revealing that the local residents of Kumasi have even taken to dubbing the car “Komfo Anokye,” drawing a comparison to the popular historical figure known for his mystical powers, as the vehicle remains motionless.

“People in Kumasi refer to his car as Komfo Anokye because the car cannot move because it’s now a statue. A Car that cannot move, is that one to a car?” he quizzed.

Ypee expressed disbelief that a car purchased for a substantial amount of money, rumoured to be around 3 billion Ghanaian cedis, would become inoperable within a mere 2-3 months.

“The car is faulty, it cannot move. It’s the pressure that’s causing him to make those statements. It is spoilt beyond repairs so it’s affected him mentally,” he submitted

He lamented the tragic irony of such a significant investment resulting in a non-functioning “statue” rather than a reliable mode of transportation.

Ypee so sarcastically hinted at the possibility of seeking a suitable location to display the faulty vehicle, suggesting a museum in Accra as a potential showcase for this unfortunate symbol of luxury turned disappointment.

“It’s tragic because buying a car for 3 billion Ghana cedis and within 2-3 months it’s wrecked and not moving. We are coming to look for a museum in Accra to display it,” he suggested


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