Parts of Accra flooded after heavy rains on Tuesday


Parts of Accra got flooded after the downpour in the early hours of Tuesday, March 7.

Areas such as Circle, Ogbojo, Shiashi, Kasoa old barrier, Weija, Dansoman, Lapaz all got flooded.

Media General’s Komla Adom reported that “Those coming from Madina headed for town; you might as well get a canoe to help you cross the rivers at Okponglo and Shiashi. I saw like three small cars stuck in it on my way.”

The rains which started around 3:40am.

Mr Ben Doste Malor also wrote on Facebook that “ACCRA: These heavy, windy and noisy rains could do a lot of damage. I pray for people in flood-prone areas. Mercy.”

By Laud Nartey||Ghana


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