#PerfectMatchXtra: Watch how Ali reacted when he caught his partner Ruth dancing with Etornam


The Perfect Match Extra Reality Show stole the headlines once more as the five couples enjoyed a good time at the Friday Night Party dubbed ‘Perfect Match Lounge’

While the couples chit-chatted among themselves, drank and swam while dancing to the melodious tunes facilitated by DJ Faculty, there were several intriguing scenes that erupted on the night.

One of those scenes was championed by the show’s arguable fan favourite Ali.

Ali met a scene that evidently triggered his emotions despite lasting a short time. His partner Ruth who looked all stunning on the night was seen dancing with Kofi Etornam in the absence of Ali. An action that looked more intimate than what could be expected of non-lovers.

Ali immediately shoved aside Etornam upon his arrival at the scene and took over despite the latter’s retaliation.

Watch video below


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