Policeman grabbed for allegedly stealing 3 motorbikes


A policeman in Tamale is in custody for allegedly stealing three motorbikes that were seized during an attack on the court by irate youth in the area.

The court today granted bail to the suspects who were arrested, and the police asked the motorbike owners to come with the papers for their bikes.

One of the owners went to the police station and did not find his motorbike. However, he had a tracker on the bike, so he started tracking it which took him to the room of the police officer.

He reported to the police, who traced the motorbike to the room and found three motorbikes.

The police officer has been arrested and is currently in custody.

13 suspects were arrested after a group of irate youth stormed the court premises and pelted it with stones, destroying fixtures and injuring a police officer.

The youths were protesting over an alleged drug dealer who they accused of being shielded by the police.


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