Prof Ayertey builds four-bedroom house for Sesiamang-Sisi D/A Basic School


Chairman of the Governing Council of the University of Environment and Sustainable Development (UESD) at Somanya, Professor Jonathan Narh Ayertey has built a four-bedroom house with modern facilities for teachers at his alma mater, Sesiamang-Sisi D/A Basic School.

This according to him is part of his contribution to Sesiamang and the school which nurtured and has catapulted him to achieve many academic laurels amongst other successes.

Speaking at the commissioning ceremony, Professor Ayertey recounted how the community and the school shaped him.

“Having been born and raised here, I have a natural affinity to this village. It is my childhood home. However, when I reflect on what I have been able to achieve so far in my life, I am tempted to attribute my success to the training I received during the early stages of my education here. The teachers I encountered at Sesiamang were dedicated to their work.

“I recall that in our final year in 1956, Mr. Sumney, the headteacher charged all the 6 teachers, including himself, to conduct examinations to test all the class 6 pupils, as part of their effort to prepare us for the middle school common entrance examination. Each teacher was charged to examine us, and show our results to us. As it turned out, I was first on each teacher’s result sheet”.

Desirous of giving back to the school, the academic said he had always explored means of contributing to the development of his alma mater.

In two such instances, Professor Ayertey together with his wife supported a fundraising event to raise money to install doors and windows in the JSS classroom upon invitation from the headmaster.

Professor Ayertey also provided seedlings of the Indian Weeping Willow and gave directions on how to plant and maintain them.




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